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Posted by Sana on 02/13

I heard this craaazzzzyyy rumor that if you steal a coupon you can't use it? Naturally i'm annoyed as this puts me out of like 5 coupons that I "earned"! And I know there are some other crazy coding things to prevent steal from being an abusive skill or whatever, but how about and if this doesn't apply or has already been done ignore me, how about removing all these lame-o rules and junks from pke peoples using steal. i'd much rather get looted of a coupon and see somebody walking around with a cool multicolor string than see the person who looted me walking around with...an unusable coupon.... but anyways this has nothing to do with what I really wanted to say I wanted to suggest a tie-in command for steal, because with as much fun as I have stealing peoples bags (Usually without them noticing) it always gets a lot less fun, even dangerous, when I gotta return the thing I stole via the give command, ack! So how about a command to return stolen items to a person without them seeing it? But maybe, just only items you already been done having stolen from them. Wouldn't want people to secretly give high rent items. Uh or something. Anyways CASTRO FOREVER! peace out. |U6

From: LadyAce Monday, February 02 2004, 12:13PM The idea with leaving stolen items as "owned" for a certain period of time is to give people an opportunity to get their items back. If it were as simple as <> and <>, the interactive/competitive element is lost. -LA |U6

From: Sana Monday, February 02 2004, 02:15PM I don't really care about keeping peoples eq, but I love to sit there and rob peoples inventories. I always give stuff back but it would be a lot more fun if I could return slyly as well as take slyly so as to not get bashed slyly by an angry person!\ |U6

From: Masha Tuesday, February 03 2004, 11:26AM You steal, you should get what you deserve. Someone wants to bash your silly brain in, they should be more than welcome to try. It's the same concept as in real life. If you were to walk into a Seven- Eleven and steal a bunch of stuff, chances are the clerk is going to either call the cops or pull out the ten-gauge. Chances are giving it back is not going to make them happy regardless. --Masha Corlan |U6

From: Huginn Tuesday, February 03 2004, 12:19PM Owned equipment might change in the future (read be more useable) but I don't see coupons changing. The idea being that if someone steals something of yours, you can go kill them to take it back.. stir things up and actually get some rivalry/tension going. Stealing a coupon and then spending it would defeat this purpose IMO. Sure they could steal a strung item from you and claim it was theirs but that's not the same thing. Huginn |U6

From: More Tuesday, February 03 2004, 04:29PM I agree with Huginn re: stealing coupons. As for ownership, etc., does that mean that after stealing something, the ownership will expire after a certain amount of time? |U6

From: Sana Tuesday, February 03 2004, 05:35PM yeah masha, if they knew they would be pissed, which is the point of this, them not knowing. it's not as if I point an angel at people and say "GIVE ME YOUR MAIL!!" So the armed robbery thing..really doesn't relate too much. Somebody who is fast enough to rifle through your pockets and take stuff would be good enough to put stuff back...anyways.. |U6

From: Huginn Tuesday, February 03 2004, 05:36PM No, not if the item is carried with you. Owned items do eventually become unowned in regular rooms, over time. Huginn |U6

From: Maloth Thursday, February 12 2004, 02:37AM I actually agree with Sana, as crazy as that is... if a person is sneaky enough to steal unnoticed, then I dont see why they wouldnt be sneaky enough to return it without noticing. There is always the chance it will fail and Sana can still get her face bashed in by angry pkers. Maloth |U6

From: AA-Aarington Thursday, February 12 2004, 03:05PM Well, you can look at this two ways: 1)If you abuse something, imms generally fix it so you can never do it again 2)If you are the abusee, chances are you're gonna be the first permadeath message as a result of said abuse. As I see it, yes, stealing would be a cool PK plus, personally, I'd like to see auggies and balms stealable, it's a valid PK strategy, what I dont approve of is more dex-based bull like this. I mean, let's look at what dexies get for their stat--hitroll and tumble, and basically immunity to backstab, the most damaging attack in the game, if you play it right should be enough to convince anyone we dont need to mandate that EVER Bottom line is if you're dex, you have very little right to claim you're underpowered or that you need access to something that can be abused The second side of the arguement is this could heat up PK. I think you do enough already for that Sana :P |U6

From: Purge Friday, February 13 2004, 11:58PM ducks wake up at the quack of dawn |U6


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