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Posted by Allegory on 04/04

oh crap, i think i accidentally started a new subject (still getting used to writing on these boards). anyway, ladybug and i fought today and it happened just like Somar predicted it would in his append to message 30. i got blinded about 10 times and ran out of vials after about the third blind. with blind becoming even more powerful in the code changes, it's kind of ridiculous. people were saying (in jest, i think) on chat that i might as well rent out and alt, and truthfully, the thought did occur to me. it's good that blind now only lasts for two ticks, but the rent on cures/dispels really needs to be lowered by a LOT (and even then, i'm not going to be able to carry 20 vials). also, maybe something can be done to the skill lag? maybe cause greater skill lag with tainted arrows or for casting blind, so that if a victim DOES have a dispel, the victim can then initiate combat? just random thoughts... |U6

From: Guilhem Saturday, February 21 2004, 04:11AM Here we go, starting speaking about changing spells. I don't think this is a good solution, because once again, the non pkillers will pay the price with more and more difficulties in killing tough mobs because of spells not lasting much time (as it was suggested). As consequence being killing the fun of playing for non pkillers. And

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From: am someone who often log at times where there are not so many players on (or if they're on, the are afk). Guilhem de le de Lecoque. |U6

From: Jhakar Tuesday, February 24 2004, 08:32AM reducing the length of blind is not the answer IMO, but adding an immunity timer so you cannot be re-blinded is -- just like we do with backstab... |U6

From: Allegory Tuesday, February 24 2004, 01:31PM great idea, jhakar! sorry, i know i'm wasting a post by just chiming in! |U6

From: Wren Thursday, February 26 2004, 04:29AM Oooh I LIKE that idea! Goot! Goot! Goot! WrenSquee! |U6

From: Karrion Sunday, March 07 2004, 03:58AM Since theres no going back, I would have to agree that an immunity flag on blindness is the best idea I have seen yet, but the blindness effect will still put straight snipers and fighters at a bigger disadvantage (snipers to a lesser degree, but only against another non caster) The mage/druid does not need to rely on others to remove most effects anyway, so rent cost on vial woes are pretty much a straight fighter/sniper problem for the most part. Magic sink again gives the druid/mage an advantage, cuz while it can be broken through and there is a chance for it to fail against thrown itens, weapon specials, etc.. sink catches a lot more than it dosn't.' Especially against things other than a mages spell. Rent cost for mv's while blind is pretty big, too, an I am willing to bet there are FAR fewer mobs that cure that or any other nasty effect (disorient, major poison being two more that make movement from room to room suck) and much rather between than there are inns Not to pick on blind again, but recall items cost rent as well, so again noncasters are more adversly effected by movement -'s due to not having to waste rent space on those things

From: those who cast blind would have been a better way to put that, it's late and am thinking faster than typing, a lil'

From: Fighting off the main drag be even more benificial to mage/druid. (ponder) It took, what, a month for folks to figure out PIsles quests? Even the most experianced and knowledgable legend folks I know combined can think of very very few ways other than skills/rentable items to remove ill effects. How long have these remedy things been in, I think I remember someone saying around a year at q and a once(may be mistaken) May not matter much, but um.. exploring areas you have already explored is not as easy to get interested in. More tedious(that means less fun) |U6

From: Kae Tuesday, March 09 2004, 12:20PM You're missing out on a lot of little things that get added around the year, particularly during summer, if you don't ever bother to go re-explore older areas. ;) |U6

From: Karrion Tuesday, March 09 2004, 08:09PM (point 'less fun' comment) Didn't say it dosn't get done, but going over the same spot you've already spent mad time on with a more fine toothed comb dosn't do it for everyone. Maybe could make these "nu- merous" ways of cancelling effects a bit more obvious or less out of the way?

From: pshrug

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From: Plowboy Friday, April 02 2004, 11:24PM Something that has been brought up in the past, but has never been aduequately responded to (at least not to my knowledge) is...and let me say say I am going back to the blind thing since the issue was raised in previous ous appends...is the fact of crashing players/mobs by create mages. It never made sense to me that a cause mage or arrow shot at someone has this chance, when a create mage who can blind a whole roomful of mobs or chars does not have this chance. Of course I rarely play my create mage anymore, not because I don't like him, or because of this, at all, but I will gladly take up the gauntlet when someone else presents it. OF course now that I am raising this issue, the fact remains that because I rarely play my create, this change may have been made without my knowledge, but I doubt it, because I know a helluvalot. Promise. Plowboy, et al. |U6

From: Huginn Sunday, April 04 2004, 12:52PM Each spell has its advantages and disadvantages, as you described in your post. Huginn |U6


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