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Posted by Sammael on 07/22

:There's a lot of under-used skills and many areas aren't visited :very often. You're encouraged to suggest ways to use skills in :quests of any size, or for mobs to use different skills for :different tactics. And we need to know what will make y'all :visit other areas more often so we can look to improve them :and attract tourism. I would have thought after all this time it was obvious what people want in an area. A big draw is a time trans quest that takes you to a semi useful area, i.e. not san fran or aztec. Another great draw are good xp mobs, both solo, small group, or large group. Combos of different sized mobs are great too. Great quests with interesting, useful items are a sure draw, as is a good inn with food in it which is near the aforementioned trans. Sure area killers are most noteably location. Do not put an area 1700 rooms away from common time trans's. If you do, it won't matter whats in your area, instant failure. If there are good xp mobs in your area, but they do 400 damage a fight for 30k xp, don't expect that to be a crowd getter. A challenge is great, but without a reward, its not really that interesting. Last but not least, and this surely only applies to me (grin), do NOT put it mobs that can be resisted. We have too many idiots running around with stupid ass resist gear that other misinformed builders have put in which skew the balance of the game not only for pk but mobkill as well. Make your mobs interesting and use an attack there isn't a resist for, even if noone else goes, I'll check it out. And remember. Before you flame, I KNOW I'm biased towards xp and mobs and less towards stupid acts and mobs spamming me as I walk through their rooms. But you might want to throw some of that in too, since some people seem to love that crap. - David, the player behind the character who will gladly bask in your warm, flames. So toasty and warm and full of fire goodness.... |U6

From: Sammael Friday, April 02 2004, 03:51PM Yeah, fear my post, I'm now the 1st AND 2nd post on this board in like 24 days. FEAR! |U6

From: Plowboy Friday, April 02 2004, 11:38PM Sam, I agree with your original post 100%, I think that is why year after year, SL gets the award for best area, great fun mobs, and worthwhile eq if you finish the whole area. As for the your append, well that was just completely self-serving but it is what we have come to expect...so don't ever change. |U6

From: Poulticer Saturday, April 03 2004, 11:56PM i agree re: resist items. it makes certain mobs WAY too easy and, as mentioned above, skews the balance of the game. is it any coincidence that pkillers refuse to use skull staffs or slashing weapons? |U6

From: Salome Tuesday, April 06 2004, 11:29AM I agree, I suggest taking resist items right out of the game but im sure immortals would disagree with that. I also suggested taking all old eq out and after a million rumors speaking of just that, I have heard nothing lately. I would just like a level playing field I guess, as would others im sure. I don't post much so im sorry if this is not something worthwhile to read Salome |U6

From: Kintare Tuesday, April 06 2004, 10:45PM I'd say that I disagree, but I don't! Somebody has to say the things that all too often go unsaid. Truthfulness++ |U6

From: Fairfax Friday, April 09 2004, 01:22PM It'd be unrealistic to expect all areas to be built around Tara, Sherwood and London, though. You'd never see any non-European areas at all. I agree that certain areas are harder to reach than others, but for me personally those are due to DT dangers along the route rather than any distance issue. An extreme would be to have an OOC type panel in the Stag with a list of destinations with buttons, and allow you to trans to any inn in any area on the MUD using the panel but I'd personally say it defeats the purpose of exploring. It

From: could

From: happen, but it wouldn't be the Legend I like. Proximity to popular inns should not be an issue - builders should not be penalised for building an area which is, as you put it, 1700 rooms from the hangout places. I am personally looking very forward to some of the new areas coming, and most of them are nowhere near the three core inns (assuming the imms respect the geography of the planet while building). I do have a wish, though - that all DTs would be moved to

From: within

From: areas, and not on the routes, because those really do discourage me from visiting. Alaska's back door is miles away from the end I normally want to visit, but I always take it, because of the nasty thing just waiting for me at the end I want to get to. If it wasn't for that back door you'd never see me in there.. well, you'd rarely see me there. As for San Francisco, like Sammael pointed out, no matter how nice you make it it's never going to be good enough - no area is an island, and having nasty DTs along both access routes to the area simply discourages me from exploring the riches over there. If you really want to discourage people from congregating around those three inns, the solutions is quite simple really - put a DT near each of them, and you'll soon find them looking elsewhere for that 'base of operations'. |U6

From: Sandra Friday, April 09 2004, 04:20PM "...having nasty DTs along both access routes to the area..." There's only 2 ways to get to San Fran? Wonder where the other one went... |U6

From: Fairfax Thursday, April 15 2004, 12:41PM Oooo.... Or are you referring to the one which you don't walk to? That one doesn't count since it's not walking, and for some reason I seem to get there faster by walking.. maybe I should learn to type slower. =) |U6

From: Netley Friday, April 16 2004, 02:40PM |U6

From: Shrieve Saturday, June 12 2004, 11:13AM Maybe we just need a new trans or two, from a heavy-traffic area, to some of the "roads less traveled." Put in a quick way for me to get there, and I garuntee I'm gonna be there to loot everything in sight.

From: wink

From: Eternally searching for a way to get rich quick, - Shrieve |U6

From: Nephiel Thursday, July 01 2004, 05:17AM Basically, I think the problem is a bit different. We shouldn't be looking at whether or not an area is near common time transes, we should be looking at

From: why

From: common transes are common transes in the first place. For instance, I just walked most of the way around the world to get to a different inn to rent at. Why? Because when i log on next time, I want to be someplace where I don't have to walk halfway around the world again to do something. San Francisco and India both have time transes, but nobody uses them unless a trans mob's been killed. It's simply because you're probably not going to come out near anything you want to visit. At Stag, for example, I'm very close to the formation spots of two runs, and a few good mobs. Even for farther off areas, I'm at least centrally located. The same cannot be said for the inn at Yerba Buena. I think that it's basically a problem that will be see its easiest solution come about when there are closer groupings of areas in non-european locations. That, naturally, takes a bit of time, but whatever...it's just one of my theories, and they tend to be a bit odd. |U6

From: Kae Friday, July 02 2004, 01:49AM No, you're quite right there; Nephiel. People obviously gather where the action is. They also gather where they can easily deposit money by use of recalls, and where everyone else is for socialness' sake. More areas will certainly help gradually move things out from the current 'Sherwood hub'. But as you also note, this is a process that takes a very long time. A very long time indeed because first we have to add the areas, and then people have to gradually adjust to the fact that there maybe is a world outside Medieval England and Ancint Ireland after all. Time, time, time. There is one thing we can do which is somewhat speedier, though, while we wait. Try to take a stroll around the areas that you think are extremely lacking in reasons to visit. Use the idea channel to come up with a few things that might remedy this problem. It's not the complete fix that 20 new areas would be, but it's certainly a step in the right direction, and it's a step that you as a player can take today instead of waiting for a couple of years while all the in- construction areas make it through. |U6

From: Siachet Thursday, July 22 2004, 04:55PM I would like to second the point about DTs place along routes from A to B. Making visitors type 'ex' each time they move serves exactly the same purpose as simply placing the area twice as far away (ie making everyone type in twice as many commands to get there). Plus the powerful conditioned avoidance through association. I am an explorer, but after I've explored it once I will never revisit an area with a DT along the route, or one in any place that isn't easily remembered, unless I absolutely have to. Added to that, people who do want to visit that area will just have a stronger motivation to set up a speedwalk to get past the DT, encouraging the use of automation. |U6


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