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Posted by Jhakar on 05/01

First off, I pretty much agree with everything he said -- but I would like to add in some more thoughts (improvements): 1) resist items: heard a rumor that the system is being re-worked, but it wasn't from an imm so its just a rumor. my thoughts on this would be to make the system much more dynamic. instead of an item being the insane amount it currently is (33%) of damage reduction, why not make it a bit more palitable, say 10% of damage reduction PER item, but each item also must have a -5% resist to offset in another damage type. yes i know this would require every resist/suscept item to be looked at, but its worth it to have a good balanced system. 2) DTs: i don't care for them on the main pathways either, and they are one of the reasons to avoid an area. that being said, i think they are key to the "danger" of the game. a good example of a DT is the old well in salem, a bad example would be the one on the primary route to san fran. 3) mobs and XP: good xp runs are hard to come buy - and i am sure this idea will come under fire - but what about adding a new TYPE of area, if its possible, something similar to a typical dungeon zone in the mmo genra. err genre, anyway, what i mean is rooms with multiple mobs in them that cannot be shotout, you have to charge, but make the trigger of each non-lead mob to join the fight slow to come, say half a tick, to give entrancers a chance to mez or high mind mages a chance to sleep the adds before they join. and set the repop to be insane. but, tone down the damage and xp from what PD is, something that would require a coupel tanks couple healers and a few crowd control people to hold the room. once you get it completely clear, inlcuding the repop, the door opens and you can move to the next room, working your way towards the final room, kinda like the longhouse -- new area, King Tuts Tomb? 4) items: many more Q5 weapons, all wieghts and sizes and damage types please. there are thousands of things you can do to customize a char, i so HATE having to choose from 1 of the few choices based on str/con/dex and what stupid resist items are in game 5) location: yes, tis true, location location locate. think about what time transes everyone uses: rivets, bunnies, druid/leaves, why? because they are quick and easy, moving between eras can be annoying sometimes. you want to open up san fran, well make it easy to get there, add a bunch xp mobs for various levels, add in random decent item drops, maybe a cool quest, un-spam the innkeeper... |U6

From: Craven Thursday, April 15 2004, 11:28AM Brilliant! (god I love those commercials) |U6

From: Kae Thursday, April 15 2004, 05:15PM Actually, King Tut's Tomb would be a very, very small area consisting of three rooms and a hall and a lot of sand. Okay, cheap shots out of the way, run the dungeon idea past me again. I didn't get it. Where was it different from any other high level area we have, except that it'd be indoors instead of outdoors? Mind you, I'm not picking on you or trying to snub you -- it's obvious you have a point to make that just didn't get through to me. So run me through it again with a little more detail, please. |U6

From: Jebediah Thursday, April 15 2004, 04:34PM 1) fully agreed. If ripping resist stuff entirely isn't an option then reducing the dam resist or upping rent on said items considerably would do a lot to help with balance and keep certain weapon types from -=remaining=- obsolete. Group runs are made rediculously easy by a couple of these items as well. 2) I disagree on the dt score, I think they are fine how/where they are. Simple solution - learn how many rooms away your destination is. I don't spam travel through areas I don't know very well, nor do I see a 'you can't go that way' message while traveling through sherwood. I have yet to hit either of the dt's on the way to san fran or the trans that takes you there. DT's are in all caps for a reason, type 'exit' if you are unfamiliar with the area and don't now what the next room is. The death traps you've mentioned are all out of the way, and considering what lies within' 10 rooms of 1 of those, I feel it's well placed. 3) I can name several great xp runs throughout ancient, med, and indus. Problem is, almost all of those require a healer or a self healing char due to the ammount of damage these mobs worth good xp do. Klien is a bit better, but hps do tend to go pretty quick for 30k xp. How about something like the old hell (harps on it again) where the way the area is built makes the higher xp rate on less damageing mobs doable. Lots of agg/semi agg mobs, wandering agg mobs, a hunter, wanderers that assist, cool room acts, no flee rooms and lots of neat eq are the things I liked about that area. Most importantly, though, you could run it solo. It was dangerous, and I died there on occasion even after I learned to spam travel the entire area, but I didn't NEED a group to go have fun (and mad xp) there. The sevannah is a seriously watered down version but more along those lines and an area I like. It could use some more high demand eq and, considering the proximity to the 'beaten path' a greater abundance of animals. Another thing that would get me to spend a LOT of time in an area would be some highly inteligant mobs. I think it would be great to see mobs with char like stats and an intricate trigger system that made them fight with skill lag skills/spells and round damage similar to a chars That type of thing seems like something that would fit the lopt really well if they didn't have good eq that loaded. Now, if they were to call a bud or two if you had a surgen or someone prepping them with icky spells then maybe the eq could be like a 'maybe load' thing, sorta like perdurable 4) high quality items with diff stat combos would be nice. I don't really see much stuff with a +to mind and a +to str, or str/spir + items There are items that do have that, but what you normally see is +str/con or dex/perc mind/spir type of stat combos on the + side Would be kinda coo if ya'll mixed it up a bit. I can't count the number of times I have been just a couple stat points away from putting together an excelent set for a char but had to change out so much stuff that it was almost like starting over because the only -(stat) items or +(stat) I could find for my remaing slots gave a + to a differant stat than was needed. 5) As a player that comes here for basically pkill and nothing more I tend to stick to the main trans routes, but I don't think location is as important as how well the area itself is made. Spammy mobs/rooms mundane items make me less interested in exploring an area. I travel the mud with room descs always on and don't mind a longer room description but when theres useless crap all over the room and mobs talking to me for no good reason I don't tend to go any further into that area. (mutter bath thing) That's another example of mobs talking to me when they shouldn't. I don't like being insulted because I don't take a trip to some place that gives my char no benifit other than not being spammed by annoying mobs. anyway, my two cents.. or 4, god that was long. |U6

From: Jhakar Friday, April 16 2004, 07:50AM Kae: given the limitations of a text/room based game, there really isn't THAT much that can be done different that what is currently in game. I don't know if you have ever played any of the current 1st person mmorpgs out there, but due to hte 3d nature of a graphical game they offer a much better group/dungeon experience. what i was trying to suggest was a way to offer something similar here. it would have to work like this: the group (medium size) would rush into a room. ONLY the lead mob would be aggro, so the tank would rescue whomever was initially targeted and from that point on you have say 20 seconds (act code triggers the other mobs to attack at that point) to in some way "mez" the other mobs. now since we don't have a mez spell, you would have to use another means, like entrance/sleep. the room would need an act that controls spawning of the mobs, so that if too many people come in the raid that spawn is dynamically increased, and it would get messy. once you have cleared the room and controlled it a door would open to the next room. yes this is similar to PD/SL etc but, when you can simply shoot 85%+ of the mobs to fight them one at a time where's the skill? yes there are a couple "rush" rooms but they "difficulty" to these areas has been created via the old style of makeing the mobs hit harder and have more hitpoints and when that doesn't work giving them "special" attacks that do stun/damage/etc I am envisioning an area where the entire group has to be paying attention and doing their job. most raids everyone except the shooter and tank can turn on a couple simple triggers and go afk. another thought would be mobs "calling for help" when they get low, and any other mob withing 2 rooms would come rushing in to join, using rescue. so you need your entrancers to "mez" them, your healers to watch for anyone to get low, etc. maybe such an advanced system is beyond the base code we have, I don't know... |U6

From: Amber Friday, April 16 2004, 08:54AM I agree with jeb.'s point two and Jhakar's take on resist items. However, just to voice a different opinion on jeb's point 5... Admitted my primary reason for logging on is not to pk, but some might think I have a right to speak up too ;) I _like_ areas where the mobs feel like they're live person, not just boxes of xp for me to open (however easy or hard it may be). I like exploring and through room descs, mob responses and general spammage get a feel for what this area really was like. I actually like the bathing thing - admitted in some places mobs are a bit spammy in telling you you smell, but.. - in a sense that there are consequences for your actions (In this case, you slept somewhere smelly, or met a certain unfriendly creature). Hmm, I swear I had a point - maybe it was this: Legend caters to us all, some of us like mob interaction and things like that, others play for the thrill of pk and others for different reasons again - so, uhm: Let's have something for everybody. -Amber |U6

From: McNugget Friday, April 16 2004, 11:19AM Umm, as a brainless nugget I'm afraid I still don't get Jhakar's idea.

From: mourn self

From: One thing though! "I am envisioning an area where the entire group has to be paying attention and doing their job. most raids everyone except the shooter and tank can turn on a couple simple triggers and go afk." Killzone is defined by the first sentence.

From: Will spread the Mcdonalds gospel to them someday!

From: |U6

From: Jebediah Friday, April 16 2004, 01:56PM I seem to have given the wrong impression about mob spam and such so i'll try and clarify a bit. I don't mind a greeting from a mob or even the bootblacks yelling. I don't mind the social acts either, like the boy in romania beating on his rock or boucaniers singing songs and stuff like that. I just don't like the spammy stuff that happens EVERY time you enter the room. O'leary is VERY spammy, maybe she could ponit at a sign or something. The bath thing is mudwide and loads of mobs respond every time you enter the room. I am saying that I would prefer these spammy mobs and a multitude of others don't bug ya unless you stop a while in the room. When I see a mob respond to me while passing through I tend to stop and scrollback in case a quest has either been triggerd or eluded to. Most the mobs says and acts don't really go beyond the initial 'spamming' anyway, so you end up interacting with a 'box of xp' that looks at you like they didn't understand or whatever that message is. Anyway, another couple pennys oh yeah, how doable is the 'pk bot' type mob, fighting like a char n such? |U6

From: Archmage Saturday, April 17 2004, 02:40AM Sammael Sammael... What can I say about this gimp. Headbutt ftw imo. Too bad i only have 30 con and he has 40 But seriously.....this game sucks Sorry...I was just thinking it And i accidentally typed it And I don't know how to erase erase delete CTRL+delete Yeah.... Seriously though...I think you are all beautiful On the inside Bill |U6

From: Akai_Hayate Sunday, April 18 2004, 05:26AM I'm not gonna bother commenting about any of the points discussed here except one...the bath thing. One mob telling you you need a bath in each town is one thing, 6 mobs in each room of each town telling you in 2 lines that you need a bath is entirely a different story. No, Thats spam :P Thats not depth... Ever been on a vlad run with 10 people who are all elites? The salute spam? Yeah well, there ya go. And another thing, the whole 'bathing' and 'smelly' thing in general... gee let's see, how can I say this...this is my joke you punks. It was started as a self-mocking grendel thing, now everybody comments on it to the point where mobs mud-wide spam about it!? SHEESH! Akai wants his joke back, you all suck! Come up with something on your own before I get stabby! I mean, sheesh, seriously! Maybe I should be a builder, yall love robbing me that much. |U6

From: Kae Sunday, April 18 2004, 10:44AM Id bug report the salute spam for starters. There's no reason the guards should salute anyone but the group's leader. And so on. You can help us track down where the spam is absurd, that might actually get it fixed. |U6


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