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Posted by Ramius on 05/30

Is there anything that can be done about the mood-modified socials that contradict themselves? I'm talking about when people scream discreetly, or laugh angrily, or grovel arrogantly, or ignore you attentively, or throw a duck at you melancholily, or any of the other things like that. And then there's my personal favorite: when you pshrug with a mood on, it cancels out the "philosophically" part, thus making it no different from the regular shrug social. I know that this could be fixed by just adding a different mood before the social when you perform it. But realistically, no one is going to do that, people keep their moods on all the time, and it will just continue to look silly. Maybe certain socials which in and of themselves imply a mood or emotion can be excluded from the mood effect...or maybe just from those certain moods that don't make sense when they're paired together? |U6

From: Kae Thursday, May 27 2004, 04:06AM There is no way currently to hard-code which moods can be used with which socials. I'm not sure I don't understand why people wouldn't use the proper moods with socials, I know I do? Or is that just because I'm more of a geek than the rest of people? |U6

From: SkullKrusher Thursday, May 27 2004, 02:42PM -Point Kae- -Yell 'Nerd alert!'- |U6

From: Talia Thursday, May 27 2004, 07:05PM I'm sorry to say this Kae, but yes, you're a geek.

From: sheepish grin

From: Talia |U6

From: Ramius Thursday, May 27 2004, 09:08PM Well like I said, I know it's possible to go and type in an extra word with every social you perform and make it work better, but people in general aren't going to go to that trouble. There are a few socials already that aren't modified by moods. Like sniff. You sniff sadly no matter what mood you're in. How does that work, and can't it be applied to others? |U6

From: Kae Friday, May 28 2004, 01:20AM Yes, Ramius, it can. Socials can be set to call on moods (all moods), or not (no moods). The big beast of the vision is when to make em call moods, and when not to, and I am quite open for arguments either way about those socials that just come out plain bizarre when people aren't think...being geekish like me, I mean, The main problem with socials and moods is that most socials fit _some_ moods but certainly not _all_ moods. Sniff, for example, could work fine with sad, angstful, nervous, depressed... but would look ridiculous with cruel, bloodthirsty, or evil. Cackle works nicely with those three but looks plain idiotic when combined with sweet, quiet, or romantic. This is obviously a can of worms, but by all means, let's keep it open and take a look at socials that aren't working as we think they should. :) |U6

From: Craven Friday, May 28 2004, 10:44AM Don't forget about headbutting romantically. |U6

From: Dolor Sunday, May 30 2004, 02:52AM -quiet squeal- "You run around the room, squealing noiselessly." Funny, my name isn't even Lawrence... |U6


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