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Posted by Arcane on 06/12

I used to think that all the imms that i met were pretty cool they were willing to help and more often than not were quite friendly I am willing to admit that i have made many past mistakes for instance i multi played a few times and swaped a few mediocre items which the first time i accepted the warning and the consequences i.e. lost gear, ect. however at a later point in the game i have a friend who i did not want to mess with my chars i had been aware of his knowledge of my passwords but had never before felt that it was a problem however when i decided to change them i made a BIG mistake i mistyped the password and did not notice it as you can imagine i was very upset and logged onto a guest and tried to consult an imm at the time i thought that the password had been changed by my friend and i told the imm just that ( i was unaware of the imms name at the time) however i did not get the help i needed instead i found that i was in fact going to be sitebanned the reason for this site ban was a piece of gear on one of my alts it had been aparently found by my main char in a box i checked the gear once or twice an thought to myself hey this is a fairly nice piece of gear i then placed it back in the box and picked it up with my alt this caused choc (the imm i was talking to ) to site ban my school where i play durring the day through this whole encounter choc's single minded purpose it seemed was to find some thing that i had done wrong in the recent past as further reason to site ban me he brought up a preivious pkiller whos actions have long since been forgoten as salt in an open wound my passwords were not changed so i could log in the only way i have been able to log in on arcane is from pure luck the only thing that i got when i tried to get help with my chars was to be picked at because of my past mistakes if anyone else feels that he has abused his comand as an admin or has any comments pls apend i would love to hear your feelings on this matter -Arcane's Player- |U6

From: Haresh Monday, May 31 2004, 12:10AM I know Arcane in rl, and I know what goes on and what hes up to when he plays Legend most of the time, and hearing of this incident, I feel that Choc stepped over the line for something trivial. Haresh's player, who thinks someone should not be sitebanned for something clearly unintentional. |U6

From: Kae Monday, May 31 2004, 04:50AM If you feel you've been treated wrongly by an immortal, the proper procedure is to appeal to that immortal's departmenthead, or in the case of Chocorua (who is a departmenthead himself), to Kaige. Bringing things up on boards like this is most likely to just bring you further grievance in the form of flaming and rumor monging which in the long run does nothing but create more trouble for every party involved. |U6

From: Lelldorin Monday, May 31 2004, 09:50AM I'm not gonna comment on the technicalities of this issue, and what I'm gonna say is, have Chocorua done anything to improve the LegendMUD experience? Just curious. |U6

From: Maloth Monday, May 31 2004, 10:01PM Enough Choc bashing, pick someone new. |U6

From: Arcane Tuesday, June 01 2004, 05:02PM I just want everyone to know that my intent was not to bash Choc. To quote a possible future append, "I was only doing what was best for the mud." And dont get me wrong, I am not necessarily saying he was right or wrong, I just think that the way he handled it was And that is my point.. I just think that some of the immortals think of Legendmud as another job. And most of the administrators think that having a good relationship with the playerbase is left up to the PR Department. And that is the point I am trying to get across. Arcane's player, who's now dodging the furious wrath of the immortals:P |U6

From: Kae Wednesday, June 02 2004, 08:35AM 'Most of the administrators' really is a rather small number of people. There are five of us total. Three of us are also PR. Does that mean that Chocorua and myself constitute 'most' of the administrators? In that case, since when is 2 more than 3? |U6

From: Jhakar Wednesday, June 02 2004, 09:56AM |U6

From: Terra Friday, June 04 2004, 11:32AM Haha, that's it Kae, misdirection!! It always worked for me ;) |U6

From: Kae Friday, June 04 2004, 03:36PM Actually, I just meant to turn back the accusation that most of the admin staff is leaving player relations to the PR staff. Yes, it's true. Cos most of the admin staff IS PR. |U6

From: Terra Friday, June 04 2004, 04:05PM I would tend to agree that "administration" is a word that is pre-defined as not such a good thing, but I would also have to say that some imms in power don't deserve it, because they abuse it... and if you all fail to see this then maybe you should take a step back for just a minute... and by some, I mean one or two |U6

From: Creako Sunday, June 06 2004, 12:57AM As a retired and therefore ineffectual presence I felt I really had to respond to this post, because its not only Chocorua its a good portion of the immortals on this mud, who treat their position as a way to remove anyone they dont personally like, im not going to back it up with evidence because theres no point, this post and all before it will likely be killed before they are even seriously read by anyone with any degree of power to change this place. But on the off chance, there have been a lot of people like me who have left this place simply because the attitudes of the immortals have gone from excited and interested to bitter and dominating, who would really stay in such a place where happiness is so scarce. Creako, enjoyed pissing in your cornflakes one last time. |U6

From: Molath Monday, June 07 2004, 03:02PM God. Choc is God, dont ever forget it either. |U6

From: Arcane Monday, June 07 2004, 10:05PM i didnt want to name specifics, but rather, just include a majority of certains imms, that even include imms that no longer exist in the department. |U6

From: Masha Saturday, June 12 2004, 12:19AM Okay, from what I hear, you, Arcane, pulled a stupid and grabbed a piece of gear your alt touched. It's in a help file, probably listed in 'help rules' or something to that effect. If you've been playing here long enough to have alts, then you'd know by now that you broke the rules, and that's grounds for sitebanning. As for the password thing, can't help you there. Grow a brain, and don't start flame wars on the boards about Imms. Gets really old, and really annoying. Imms do their bloody jobs, and be bloody glad they do. Whiney idiots. --Masha Corlan. Cantankerous as ever. |U6

From: Shrieve Saturday, June 12 2004, 10:49AM

From: clears throat

From: Firstly -- Choc is here to enforce the rules, no? Am I wrong? Even if you made an honest mistake, Xplay is considered a pretty serious offense, and in my experience, it gets punished whenever and wherever it's found: without exception. The minute they start making exceptions for you, they have to start making exceptions for the whole damn MUD -- and that would be a bloody mess, don't you agree? I can see how Arcane would be upset -- yes, the situation really sucks, but posting to a board that you're been wronged isn't going to do much but create spam.

From: displays shining example

From: Secondly -- is there any way we could pick a different Imm to pick on now? Laughing silently at you all, - Shrieve |U6

From: Skull Saturday, June 12 2004, 06:22PM Maybe you could try and not be such a negative bitch all the time, Masha. |U6

From: Ishtar Saturday, June 12 2004, 07:08PM I thought this was going to be about chocolate. |U6


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