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Posted by TigerLilly on 07/19

i think it would be a great idea to change the way prompt works a bit. example. prompt clear. then let us build the prompt in order we want it. i hatehatehate the way time and afk show up before hp. i think ho/ma/mv are the most important thing of the prompt and should always be first. but many would disagree with me. you could even do things like you've done with colors and have different preset variables of it. basically, prompt clear, and whatever you add first appears first in your prompt, then second appears second, etc. I really think this would rock, but i'm no coder and have no idea what kind of code it would involve. but i'd be really interested in hearing from coders about it. TL. |U6

From: Jett Sunday, June 27 2004, 10:44PM I like it, it adds personality to the prompt :P |U6

From: TigerLilly Sunday, June 27 2004, 10:49PM exactly. you can have it the way YOU want it. a surgeon, for example, might want mana to appear first. |U6

From: Mephesto Wednesday, June 30 2004, 08:21AM I like the idea, and I don't think it would be a horribly difficult thing to code - you'd basically just have to have an extra variable to keep track of order. It'd probably require a little bit of effort, and probably some minor adjustment to the playerfiles to allow for more variables, but I'd bet it's doable enough. I'm all for something like that. |U6

From: Straussy Wednesday, June 30 2004, 02:49PM ..i forgot what i was gonna say |U6

From: Elysium Friday, July 02 2004, 12:56AM Can we have the tank's hps in our prompt too? |U6

From: Sandra Friday, July 02 2004, 07:37AM Can't you just type group? :P |U6

From: Shrieve Friday, July 02 2004, 08:17AM

From: point "HELP PROMPT"

From: If you want to add something, you can already do that. If you want to remove something, you can do that too. HP will come first in your prompt by default, unless you have the time added. If you want the colors to be different, check the "color list" command, and change it that way by using "color set <<#>> <<#>>" The prompt doesn't need to be changed. That would really be confusing for most of us. =P - Shrieve |U6

From: Twiggy Friday, July 02 2004, 03:12PM but see there's a specific order for instance "prompt add xptolevel", adds xptolevel but if after that you type "prompt add level", the level is displayed before the xp to leve. game and match, I believe

From: nod self

From: |U6

From: TigerLilly Friday, July 02 2004, 10:21PM that was kinda my point. why can't i have my prompt the way i want my prompt? i'd LOVE to have time in my prompt, but i simply can't stand it because it shows up before hp. i really think ho should come before everything else. i don't use the afk feature for the very same reaosn. it all just seems out of order to me, so i don't use the ones that seem that way, IE: time and afk. my whole point, was to make it customizable so we can all have it whatever way we want it. it's not that complicated to set, after all. and we could have different default settings for different chartypes, etc. for example a surgeon might want to have the leader option appear first. or mana. the idea is really quite simple, really. i don't see why you're having such a hard time understanding how useful it would be to have options to personalize it. -TL |U6

From: Purgatory Friday, July 02 2004, 11:43PM I guess I've just never thought it was that hard to locate the pertinent information in a prompt, whether it's at the beginning or not. |U6

From: Drow Sunday, July 04 2004, 05:57PM I don't think it's completely about not being able to find what you're looking for, but moreso about being able to customize it the way you want it. I think it is a cool idea personally, I always spent time customizing my prompts in other muds, maybe it would work here too :) -Drow, the channel spammer |U6

From: Rufus Saturday, July 17 2004, 10:14AM I'm working on this. Before we add features, I'm going to convert all existing ones over. We'll test that out and see how it goes, and then we'll see about adding additional features. The 'prompt add option' might be a clumsy way about going about it, but I'll see what I can do. The first stage I'll be adding is a 'prompt format' so you can format a prompt however, even going so far as to add arbitrary text (so I could put my name in my prompt if I wanted to): prompt format (Rufus: @h hp @m mana)> would show as my prompt: (Rufus: 1024 hp 2034 mana)> I'm experimenting at the moment, but I'll keep you up to date as this code progresses. |U6

From: Tah Saturday, July 17 2004, 04:37PM You rule, Rufio. |U6

From: Rufus Saturday, July 17 2004, 05:23PM This code has been completed and has been submitted for testing. Should be hashed out through that process and in the running mud in a few weeks =) Enjoy, and thanks for the suggestion. Ruf |U6

From: Rufus Saturday, July 17 2004, 05:25PM Oh, and no, you won't be getting your tank's hps in your prompt. That's not really doable without really fiddling with the code, and at this point, is something we don't desire to have available in the prompt. Sorry! Ruf |U6

From: Rufus Monday, July 19 2004, 02:37AM I've extended this code to group as well, with a few other surprises tucked in for fun. The group options are a bit more limited, naturally, but if this passes approval, you should be able to completely specify your prompts and your group display output =) Ruf |U6

From: Tah Monday, July 19 2004, 02:56PM oooooh, neat! |U6


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