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The Future of Q&A is in Your Hands!|U6

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Posted by LadyAce on 07/08

Hi all -- About two weeks back, Q & A included a large discussion about itself. Many great ideas were tossed about, and I've tried to distill them down into a discussable and useful list. Please append your thoughts, additions, disagreements, and so on! For addressing SPAM -=-=-=-=-=- Ideas I'm fond of:

From: make it the players responsibility to consider the climate of Q&A -- develop a player-set code of conduct for participation

From: keep personal issues OUT

From: making sure to indicate when the questioner is satisfied with the answer

From: some acceptance that interactive discussions will cause spam

From: short fuse handling of problems

From: be careful when handling spin-off questions Other Ideas:

From: have a token to hand around to the person who has the floor, return it to the imm running the session when done (might be a bit too tight of control)

From: Control who can speak or whose speech is seen via code. Possibly a command to toggle the room between imm-only speech and everyone-speech, so that the question gets an answer before player comment resumes, set the room to suppress certain messages like board reading and getting items from a bag, etc. (might be overkill, might be a lot of work) Ideas about FOLLOWTHROUGH =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Ideas I'm fond of:

From: webified Q&A logs very desirable, so keep up that effort, but people want them sooner. The workload is tremendous. Any alternatives here?

From: Code updates posted a bit sooner for more chance to review.

From: Handle as many issues right at the moment as possible

From: Keep track of what's "to be answered later" Ideas about FORMAT (Alternate ways to pose questions & their handling) =-=-=-=-=-=-=- Ideas I'm fond of:

From: questions asked via the feedback channel could be discussed in the live session

From: themed sessions, with theme pre-announced. Might do nominations for topics that need a full session to cover.

From: ask the question or give the feedback you have, don't phrase a put-down in the form of a question, like "Is this change supposed to be stupid?" when the question is "Why did you change...". Other ideas (convince me if you like these ideas!):

From: a post-only, no-append board for questions (would take code, not necessarily a good fit)

From: pre-announced list of topics (often it's just what people who attend want to know) Ideas about AWARENESS =-=-=-=-=-=-= -- people should know more about discussion, QandA/feedback channel, as well as the Q&A sessions themselves |U6


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