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Posted by Tah on 07/28

Ok, just a thought here. Fuego and i were playing with entrance, and it dawned on us that people that are deaf shouldn't be able to be entranced, period. I mean how can they hear the music that is supposed to entrance them? If you have any questions about how one becomes deaf, please send a tell. But this is more directed at our finne imms, and I'm assuming they know the idea that's running through my head right now. Tah! |U6

From: Jett Friday, July 23 2004, 07:47PM buffet yourself before a fight so that you can't be entranced. bleh, seems finnickity (spelling?) |U6

From: Rufus Friday, July 23 2004, 09:02PM Entrance already checks against your deafness level. =) Ruf |U6

From: Tah Saturday, July 24 2004, 03:10PM Ah, so there's different levels of deaf? lol |U6

From: Rufus Sunday, July 25 2004, 01:48AM 100 of them. |U6

From: Somar Tuesday, July 27 2004, 10:37PM Pardon? |U6

From: Thedus Wednesday, July 28 2004, 07:03AM Well, theres shouldnt be 100 of them, to make it a useful and somewhat cool spell cool spell, there should really only be 3 or 4 "levels" of deafness |U6

From: Thedus Wednesday, July 28 2004, 07:04AM and this is unrelated, but how come it said that my line was too long and truncated, but then it showed up in full anyway? |U6

From: Rufus Wednesday, July 28 2004, 08:14AM Deafness is calculated as a percentage, so 1-100 makes some sense =) A lot of things that deal with deafness just literally use a random of 1-100 compared to your deafness. Considering how deafness is assigned to a character (and the size of those 'chunks') there are about 5-10 'levels' of deafness, but the range as it is gives the ability for that to decay gradually, rather than in those same big chunks. Ruf |U6


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