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Posted by Mephesto on 08/12

I thought I'd chip in some thoughts on the current fight system, hopefully trying to generate a little discussion. It seems to me that with the way things are right now, WAY too much of combat is dependent upon skills and special attacks. I've looked at this from both a pkill and mobkill perspective, and it's astounding how ineffective combat is, even with plenty of hitroll / damroll, when either you're sitting or your opponent is standing. The disparity is way too big, in my opinion, between rounds of combat based on position. I personally thing some adjustments need to be made to at least allow for decent hitting without necessarily NEEDING to use special attacks - of course, they should supplement things to a degree.. but I don't think they should have the catastrophic effects that they have right now. |U6

From: Jhakar Monday, August 09 2004, 07:59AM agree. right now, hitting on someone who is bashed is almost like hitting a stunned person (based on some limited pk experience). that makes bash almost a 2 round stun, ouch. also noticed that have -100 AC is hugely beneficial (or detrimental, if it's your opponent who has it). i hit 8 attacks out of 8 swings on a stunned opponent who had -100 AC, and did about 10 points of damage even though i had near 30 hitroll... i want to say that i do like the changes and it is indeed a step in the right direction, but that a little adjusting might be needed. |U6

From: Rufus Monday, August 09 2004, 09:44AM Right now position has quite a bit to do with the hit and damage formulas. This is as-intended, but it wasn't meant as the be-all end-all of the system. This is definitely something that is under scrutiny and evaluation, and, likely, will change. But I'd rather go to far the direction it has gone and then adjust in the direction we need to rather than the other direction. We're looking at it, be patient =) Ruf |U6

From: TigerLilly Monday, August 09 2004, 04:53PM The almighty bash is way too powerful, simply put. |U6

From: TigerLilly Monday, August 09 2004, 04:54PM Headbutt is pretty almighty as well. |U6

From: Allegory Monday, August 09 2004, 07:17PM actually, as i'm sure the coders already know, AC is way overpowered (as mentioned by mephesto, too, i think). for me, it's another mage gripe :P mages get the armor spell, so they wind up with almost as much ac as fighters and even some thieves. mages can also weaken your armor and can do another 10 points off your ac with a couple immolates. anyway, just throwing that back out there because it's fun. but brutus is still a weenie. |U6

From: Heath Monday, August 09 2004, 08:37PM I think the kill command is too powerful. It causes damage, and sometimes damages eq. Kill should be looked at. I think that they said that hitroll would be made less important? The only thing I see so far in my large amount of testing is that a plain dex char doesn't have as much of a benefit as a plain str char or a plain con char. How to fix that, I dunno. |U6

From: More Tuesday, August 10 2004, 03:33PM I agree with Heath. we need to remove kill right now. but his point is valid. in trying to remove DEXMud, dex got kinda killed. but that's what tweaking's for, right? i have no doubts that this'll all be fixed with some more trial and error. |U6

From: Spanish-Flea Thursday, August 12 2004, 08:54AM Dexmud didnt get killed. Dex still has the wonderfully retarded advantages of the dex skills, and a slightly upped hitroll bonus. It's that so much that irks me as how hitroll and damroll apply to combat. Take a 50/0 hitter and a 0/50 hitter, and see who does more damage, or rather, look at the average damage. the 0/50 hitter will hit harder, let's assume they're str with the 50 dam and can bash, assuming tumble doesnt go off, they'll probably do something big. Rip, Devastate, etc. The dex hitter will do damage, they'll pulverize or something, but more importantly, they'll block the damage sitting. your rip is not only 40-50 damage, while their pulverize is 20 Hitroll is your consistency to hit, but I think weapons give too much credit to somebody with high hitroll and low damroll, while damroll gives too much to hitting a bash/getting lucky with your attacks hitting |U6

From: Heath Thursday, August 12 2004, 11:14AM I have to wonder what mud you are playing SF. I've watched dex hitters with 40hit and 10 dam hardly get a pulverize at all in a fight. They land the hits, but they do not hit hard. Which is fine, imo. But while they have consistent hitting, they have little else. Whereas I can walk into a fight on the same mob and kill it quick as a str fighter, dex has almost become a helper class. I've tested it. I've seen it tested. The result is the same. I'm glad it's no longer dexmud, but dex sorta went a little too far away. |U6


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