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Posted by Ratatouille on 10/03/96

I know many players who left the Mud because the only way to level was to kick mutyts, rats and childs. There's only a few quests that newbies can do and XP reward isn't big enough regarding the number of these quests. See a character at level 6... with 20 000 exp to level: there's a long way to go and it's boring, because the only motivation at that point is to gain next level the fastest possible without getting killed which often leads characters to death because they try too strong mobs. What I would like to do, is to gather a group of players interested in Role Play, and set a quest scenario and within which each of these "mob-like" players would play a defined role according to the quest. With the support of IMMs (even if they told me they wouldn't do it), good roleplayers questers could gain XP according to their RP performed in the quest (each player-mob would report the behaviour of the quester and set a certain amount of extra-XP which could correspond to RolePlay XP (there would be a fixed amount of quest XP like ineach quest). This kind of quest has several interests:

It would be highly interactive since all "mobs" would be "real" players. There could be several issues to the quest according to the behaviour of the quester.

There would be several different quests, and many new ones if that works well. Anyway, as IMMs aren't ready to support me in that project, I will give it a try and start one soon. The reward will be a Coupon, but of course we'll choose the quester randomly and noone will be able to know it except the "adminitrators" of the quest.

If you're interested in that idea, or if you wish to append commentaries (to approve, give suggestions, or criticize it) please do. If you want to get involved in that project, please mud mail me :) .

Hoping to hear of you soon, Ratatouille the Role Play Quester of Legend Mud.


From: Tamurello Tuesday, September 10, 06:23AM

I totally agree with ya Ratatouille.. The only RP things organised here are OOC contest like trivias or riddles. And i want the mud to have IC roleplay out of clans.

On your levelling problems, it's true the mud is borring like hell b4 level 10, and i know many friends of mine who stopped the mud because it was a quick sport via telnet.

I will help ya to organize those RP quests and personnaly help to level the winners. :) *clap*

From: Tenar Tuesday, September 10, 08:01AM

I think this is a great idea, the only difficulty would be possible bias in the judges when it came to giving out exp...however I'd love to be involved

From: Sandra Tuesday, September 10, 08:00AM I'd like to point out a few things from the last append to this note.

Trivia, riddles and other games aren't role play, they're immort run games.

I've seen many characters roleplaying that aren't clanned. There's nothing that says you have to be in a clan to rp, and its always fun to get others involved in it as well. Whether they realize it or not :)

From: Tamurello Tuesday, September 10, 08:42AM

U r right Sandra, but they r more RP clans on this mud than pkill clan, and they r clans with rp!

I only want that a newbie with no special friends on the mud can gain xpfor ic roleplay..i found the idea of ratatouille is great!

From: Egami Tuesday, September 10, 09:35AM

I think Ratatouille's idea is really great... and I'd like to tell Sandra that Ratatouille and Tamurello, I think, were pointing out the XP one could gain when role playing. It's true that around level 6, it's like crossing an endless desert... :)

If you can do that Ratatouille... I'll help! :)

From: Ptah Tuesday, September 10, 05:01PM

Running tinyplots like this is squarely within the job description of the PR department. As of yet none have happened, because Lirra, the immort who immorted for this purpose, has been terribly busy with her RL (family)...

While I fully understand the desire to grant XP for roleplay, please realize that no matter HOW the immorts do it, we will be accused of being unfair. :( If you can come up with a way around that, I would love to hear it.

Obviously, if we give the ability to give XP to players, then people would pingpong each other up. If you can thin of a way to let players reward each other for good rp, without creating a feedback loop like that, please please tell me, as I would love to make that a choice available to players.

We are fixing level 6, but not until skill trees. The fix changes the entire XP curve, and that is a radical change to make out of context. If yoplayers truly wish to see it fixed ASAP, it is easily done, but it will be very jarring...

Any better methods of granting XP for exploration would also be welcome.

This mud has a long history of supporting rp and a long history of players largely ignoring it. I am very glad to see players taking the initiative with a plan like the above. :) There are many features coded into the mud specifically to foster roleplay, but there has never been a reward system for the simple reason that nobody could think of a fair one. To read about the debate on it, please visit this URL:

"Future of the Mud"

which contains some lengthy discussions held here a year ago about roleplay and mud society.

Bets of luck in setting up tinyplots, I can't wait to see them happen.


From: Beam Tuesday, September 10, 05:11PM

Although I have giving lists of xp rooms to people in my clan I think they are kind of screwed up. Personally I would like to see the value for them lowered to maybe 10 xp at level 1 and every room in the mud made an xp room as long as your not following anyone, the xp rooms could be turned off after level 10 or whatever level or left the same on up to 50. Whether 10 xp is to high or low I dont know that would have to be looked at i guess. But recently I had my brother start another mud, (he was a complete newbie to muds) because legend is just plain hard at low levels, and many hometowns are seriously screwed up with a lack of low level mobs.

From: Bulk Tuesday, September 10, 07:16PM

Think the lack of low lvl mobs is true, and considering the mv newbies get, it's kind of unrealistic to expect them to go around other places killing stuff. But I do think the xp rooms give quite decent xp, but not so much so you could actually consider lowering them. I guess making more newbie mobs in hometowns could also deter ppl from leaving, but since they'll have to for skills and all, it maybe a good idea to do so.

I remember at first how trans quests boggled me, and personally i think there aren't enough clues in the mud to point out trans quests, and there are times when i thought i was doing an xp quest when it suddenly tranferred to another time period, etc. Moreover, i think it maybe worthwhile to consider lowering the mv cost within a hometown to absolute minimum, or at least have shops offer cheap refresh potions, and maybe a 'cure light' well or 'refresh' wells that will do the above every so often.

Bulk. really wants to get around newbie mv.

From: Beam Tuesday, September 10, 08:00PM

bulk my idea was to lower the xp for xp rooms and make every room an xp room. to encourage exploring.

From: Bulk Tuesday, September 10, 09:55PM

that really sounds neat. tho then ppl might just run through them instead of actually 'exploring' places. *ponders on*


From: Beam Wednesday, September 11, 01:24AM

True havent thought of that. But if it was only for under level 10 a few more boars sprinkled around would fix that.

From: Zebulon Wednesday, September 11, 06:29AM

Great idead Beam. I just come to lose everything in Salem's DT, and would rather gain XP instead of losing everything while exploring... *sigh*

From: Ptah Wednesday, September 11, 11:26AM

Saving a list of every room you have visited, and worse yet, looping through it every time you move, would cause terrible lag. :( Which is a shame because doing explore XP based on all rooms would be very cool.

If we put healing and low mv costs in hometowns it will benefit the high levels as much as the low levels.

Adding newbie mobs and hints for trans quests and newbie quests and so on is all part of the revision of hometowns for skill trees, which has been ongoing for the last few months.

From: Shalindra Thursday, September 12, 12:20AM

I disagree with cure light potions benefiting high levellers.

Newbie mv cost could theoretically be lowered, and progressively cost more as you go up in levels, perhaps?

From: Beam Thursday, September 12, 12:37AM

I have 630 movement and it regens at 100 per tick i think, I havent run out in many levels

From: Bock Wednesday, September 18, 03:28AM

Back to the original topic of rp'ing... :)
On another mud I've played (which, I'll admit, was terrible even if it did do some things right) rp xp was awarded through a report... The report was reviewed by an imm & xp was granted, basically in 1 of 3 sizes (basic, advance, & expert rp). It would be a lot of extra work for the imms, but it would solve the problem of 2 players just automatically bumping each other up with false reports of good rp.

Another feature was special newbie prices on certain things (mostly food) so that newbies could get around their horrible mv... after a certain level, the shopkeepers would simply refuse to sell the refresh stuff to a player.

From: Rusalka Sunday, September 29, 12:58PM

Regarding tinyplots, the PR dept is working on some. Since we've never pulled on of these off before, we'll probably be experimenting with various sort of prizes to see what does and doesn't seem to work (same goes for different srots of tinyplots). I would love to see exp rewarded for rp, but I don't knw how to do it fairly either. Like Ptah, I'd love to see a fair way to do it, however.

- rusalka

From: Bulk Thursday, October 03, 05:44AM

Fair way of distributing xp..count and tally the number of ticks spent rping for that char, with how many lines/acts they had, and maybe some room for decision call points that are a fraction of the above?

From: Ptah Thursday, October 03, 09:17PM

How do we get the number of ticks spent rp'ing? It's not like you can measure it with the code...



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