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Posted by Beam on 09/17/96

I included this in an earlier post but it didnt get replied too so i want to ask again. also i asked one immort about it and they said you know your just beating your head on a wall. well if this is true i would like to know. At this point dex gives an ac bonus and con and str do not. this will probably be fixed in skill trees hopefully all the other fighting balance issues will be worked out too. But i have talked with a few people and they all agree that eq is screwed up too. I am concerned about the lack of variety in the eq available on legend and especially how con and str eq is lower quality compared to dex. exp dex earrings have ac others dont. exp dex cloak is -25 ac and 500 or so lower rent than con cloak that is -10 ac. I was hoping that there would be alot of changes in the eq or that there would be alot of new con and str eq in the new areas. Should i just get it through my head that none of the new eq will be as good as the old? Also I sure hope weapon wieghts and damage will be straightened out cuz str weapons are really bad. I realize that in the past most everyone were dex fighters so the eq was made for them, but i expect to see some con and str weapons that sloth, clumsy etc. thanks beam

From: Thanatos Tuesday, September 10, 08:46PM

As a matter of fact, there are both con and str weapons that have certain special effects along the lines of those you mentioned, if not those exact ones...

From: Bulk Tuesday, September 10, 09:42PM I honestly dont think effects is the problem, but more in the lines of variety. Dex weapons come in different sizes, weights, abilities, and various rent. Str weapons, however, even a lowly q4 gobbles up more rent than a popular q5 dagger. Nor are there align restricted dex weapons, and dex gear has the most +'s and -'s assigned to non-fighting stats, where as con and str have -'s usually on other fighting stats such as dex or perc. There was mention earlier too, save that since there is a + spr quest, the dex eq.'s -spr can easily be undone as well. In addition to all this, dex eq seems to be placed on mobs that are quite an easy kill compared to others, and mobs eat them less often than certain con eq giving mobs.

Dex giving AC is fine, as that is understandable, but then str should give the ability to parry, and break weapons, con should have a more reliable warcry--bash and kick are very stat based, whereas the warcry seems really, really random. I won't even bring up the issue of hit roll and dam roll, since with a damage cap, a dagger is equally as threatening as Freagra the answerer.


P.S. what's up with the rent on the MacMannan Maclir's? It's bonuses hardly outweigh, or even match its rent.

From: Rufus Tuesday, September 10, 09:52PM I've answered the manannan's a few times, but I'll answer here again... It is not just the stat boost, it is the armor applied and the material type the item is made out of... If you've ever noticed exactly how long it takex (takes) for a green tunic to get to (falling apart), and compared that to how long it takes a coat to get that far down in damage, you might understand a little better. In fact, I had a character who had a coat of mail and it took almost 6 months of constant play to get it to moderately damaged.

As to the other items, I'm in the process of hopefully balancing these out. In an ideal situation, we would have a larger mud, with many eq pieces all balanced and varied. Unfortunately AND fortunately, Legend is still a growing mud, expanding on eq, new mobs, new quests, etc etc etc. When it was discovered that 'dex' ruled the mud, dex eq became really popular, and hence a lot of dex eq came in to the game.

Also, if there were a large selection of various eq, new builders would be hard pressed not to duplicate items. I'm pushing areas in as fast as I can and trying to do other upgrades. Please understand that legend is still growing, and we are eeking these problems out, albeit slowly.


From: Beam Tuesday, September 10, 10:14PM Thanks for the explanation rufus. As for something lasting 6 months I dont think i could afford the rent on that kinda eq. Actually all the eq from old areas has not gotten damaged that much. And new eq like phantoms tattoo and crimson sash have each gotten destroyed in one fight and the sash was destroyed in one hit. I've heard items in new areas are being restricted quite a bit. Maybe items in old areas are still too good, or the new stuff is too restricted.

From: Ptah Wednesday, September 11, 11:35AM One of the problems is that it's really hard to convince builders to make "midrange" items when players won't use them. :) Nobody will bother with an item that is between +1 and +4. Only a +5 will do... that means that in the race to make ever-nicer items so that the area is actually attractive to players, we get repeats of the same old thing.

New items are not being restricted any more than old items are. We think that every item in the mud is within the equipment guidelines at this point.

I might note that you are not beating your head against a wall, Beam, these are things that we think about quite a lot. Getting equipment balanced is one of the ongoing tasks of the builders. One thing to note there is that merely adding equipment is not an option, as there would hardly be places to put it all. So we need to move and rearrange equipment as well--for example, taking some of the really nice stuff out of Ireland andreplacing it with equally nice stuff that comes from, say, Salem or whatever.

PS, I hope that when players will be abel to make items with low stat bonuses, that the range and variety will be somewhat reduced


From: Arcturis Wednesday, September 11, 04:57PM Hi all. I would respectfully like to disagree with Ptah on one item. The statement that noone likes to use lower stat eq between 1-4. I happen to have wished frequently that there would be more eq of LESS rent and +2 or +3 to balance out certain stats without penalties. Im certain that if anyone invented any such eq, at least some would be used. It is just that there isnt much of this kind of eq in the right stats, many people have stats at a 38 or 39 who only need +2 or +3 to even things out, rather than turning to something +5 of one stat and -3 of another.

Just stating my piece =).

From: Beam Wednesday, September 11, 10:52PM I would also like to mention, while i basically agree with your statement (Ptah's) that level limits on items are a bad thing, on the mud i play on level limits on eq causes there to be a wide variety of eq that is useful, causes people to switch eq more often, and there definately is eq for newbies. Maybe not having level limits is the reason that low quality eq is looked down upon on legend. Maybe eq for newbies could be made and the rent reduced where the higher level player would naturally not use it. Say a held item that adds 100 movement for 500 rent or so? One of the main problems with eq here I think is the thing with stats only causes most things to change when you jump over the +10 level. say from 47 to 50 dex etc. So most +3 eq in most cases isnt going to affect a newbie at all. Is it possible to make stats more variable in their affects, say every 5 in a stat improves you instead of 10. Like str. Str works very well here i think, because its not just +10 jumps that allow you to do more.

In a bit of a separate issue i would also like to note that legend does have level limits in some areas, and if they could be removed everything would work better i think. First is level limits on skills, how is this any different than level limits on eq? I have noticed you mention that you would like to get away from being an eq mud and be a skill mud yet the skills have level limits. If I have 100 con I want to be able to learn expert arms training, it could be worked out so that one at that level could only rent a lower quality weapon and get say 7 attacks, doing lower damage? Also in todays system you get 9 attacks for the most part when you reach level 35, couldnt this be drawn out so you get another attack every couple levels and your time knowing the skill increases?


From: Kelvin Thursday, September 12, 01:54PM I wouldn't mind lower bonuses on stat items if they were more varied. I'm currently stuck at trying to work out my eq for a change I want to make because I'd be one point of dex short and the only gear I can for the slots I could free up are either con or str, which doesn't help me at all.

From: Bulk Tuesday, September 17, 11:05PM Hey, wanna have mv-costs for special attacks like kick/headbutt/bash/warcry?


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