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Mana, the rarest of things

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Posted by Ikon on 09/12/96

Okay I'm writing this cause I'm getting sick and tired of waiting 5 ticks to get 50 mana (with fails and all only allows me one or two stuns, mostly one) I know I should meditate, but waiting 15 ticks to get your mana back after fighting a few mobs is very annoying!

Well that's what I have to say.

Concerned Mage


BTW I'm getting meditate next turn but it still ticks me off


From: Bulk Wednesday, September 11, 09:29PM

who says you need to use magic?

From: Ikon Wednesday, September 11, 09:38PM

Uh, because I'm a mage, uh and like that's what we do. Duh! I also think that since Kick doesn't use MV or mana or anything thats unfair.

And people saying stun is powerfull, well you've got to understand the problems with mana

From: Morwynn Thursday, September 12, 11:25AM

While I agree that Mana is a costly thing, each mage is by no means limited to their spells alone. I use a mix of things all the time, and if you are having problems with your spells, then perhaps you might want to change your stats arou Changing your stats is the best way to increase spell effectiveness outside more levelling, so if you have the rent space I suggest playing around a bit. Who knows ya might be better off

Morwynn, old create mage

From: Daer Thursday, September 12, 11:54AM

Its not so bad when yah have 622 mana =P regain is a pain thou :/ besdies, with one spell word you can learn a multitude of things, one skill is one skill is one skill. Thats why spellwords take mana because mages get a lot of benefits to being able to get skills and spells.



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