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Posted by Beam on 09/24/96

What about number of deaths. deaths per level etc. If this was tracked then a stat command could list best and possibly worst deaths per level and if arena is added it could have info about that too. or maybe a different command if cuz whois titles get long, maybe whostat?


From: Bulk Wednesday, September 18, 01:45PM

How about another 'score' command? I really want an allwords command to find out which words you can and cannot learn based on stats, too. And if whois and such other things are decided to be too private of a thing to share, how about giving us the ability to toggle them on and off?


From: Ptah Monday, September 23, 01:58PM

The whole point of whois titles is to make your achievements public, so I don't know why we'd ever add a toggle to hide them...

Nor, to be honest, do I see any reason to add stuff like tracking number of deaths, or worse yet, making it public knowledge for everyone. :) It sounds rather embarrassing. Beyond that simple fact, it also encourages regarding the mud as solely a numbers game ("I died less times than you did, I'm better!") and in a rather odd way, since it measures not achievement but failure (or even accident).


From: Beam Tuesday, September 24, 01:51AM

Well this is all true Ptah, but there is little way to agree on who is the best and i guess thats not wanted here. As the mud awards are built on popularity to a great deal. (can be argued otherwise but if noone knows you they cant vote for you) Does this mud not need any numbers type of recognition? I realize hack and slash is considered inferior to rplaying here, but maybe if deaths should not be listed then possibly something like the top 5 death to level ratios, or more has killed a lion type whois strings using harder mobs? As some of those long posts on discussion board said mudders need goals, and in my opinion some kind of recognition other than doing quests and roleplaying would be nice.

From: Ptah Tuesday, September 24, 10:55AM

Hack and slash is not inferior to roleplay or questing at all. A good balance between all the various areas is required. I merely questioned the logic of having deaths be the measure of any sort of success. :)

I haven't noticed any lack of recognition of those who are gooat the playing of the game. Everyone knows who you are, just as they all know who the best playerkillers and best roleplayers are. Currently, only a very very few people have any sort of reocgnition shown in whois or anywhere else that they are special. I fear that adding just a whois string for having killed a tough mob might make the recognition a bit too common, since all the high levels regularly kill many of the toughest mobs.

Some things I can think of that might represent killing ability better are things like comparing your level to the average level of things you kill, so that someone with a 2.0 is someone who always kills stuff twice his level. But it falls apart at level 50. A mere tally of kills or deaths doesn't necessarily measure prowess, is the thing.

Maybe a total revamp of prestige would help, so that it changed more slowly and actually measured reputation somehow. Then the prestige stat could be made more public, and that used as a measure of prowess. But the fact that we tied rent to it means that people will likely be opposed to any major changes in it. :P



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