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Posted by Donelan on 09/20/96

Will there be an article in the LT explaining spatial combat, like the one describing the current fight system? I'd like to see how this new system will work. Some questions I have are:

1. Will all mobs use spatial combat also? If I enter a room and manuver behind a mob, will it automatically try to face me?

2. If I'm fighting a mob, and try to move away, will it automatically close?

3. If I do manage to get first strike from behind, will clubbing a mob in the back of the head provide advantages similar to backstab?

4. If two or more people are fighting a mob, can the players be in different positions? For instance, can the tank face the mob dead on, while the hitters attack from the sides or behind?

5. If I'm sneaking, will other players see me manuvering around them, or will they only know what I'm up to when I attack?


From: Bulk Wednesday, September 18, 05:26PM

More questions:
Will spatial combat include codes for flying?
Will we be able to move in/out during a skill delay?
Will there be skills to offer sneaking advantages during combat?
---i.e., you dont get to see them move in/out during combat.
Will there be another info added to weapons when armsloring, telling us the best distance for that weapon?
And with the skill trees:
Will there be weapons that can get benefits from two or more weapons training, such as say, the halberd which could be used to stab/slash/and clubber people around, so we can have true warriors? (those that emphasize in many areas of combat stats instead of those that are also mages)


From: Gail Friday, September 20, 10:39PM

Take all this with a grain of salt, as we're nowhere near done, so all this is what we (I) currently think will happen.

Donelan's questions:
1 & 2) yes mobs will use spacial combat, probably not real well by default.

3) backstab will be better than just attacking from behind, but attacking from behind with any weapon will be better than attacking from the front.

4) yes. of course. what fun would it be otherwise?

5) sneak will make it harder to see you manuver, by some amount, under some circumstaces. don't even think of trying to get me to be more specific, as I don't know any better than that :)

Bulk's questions:
* yes, spatial combat will account for flying, at least abstractly.

* no. you can't do anything during a skill delay.

* you won't be able to sneak in combat. I find it hard to imagine a skill that would cause your enemy not to notice his sword didn't reach you any more :)

* yeah, armslore will be updated.

Skill tree question:
ooh! neat idea! yeah, probably, if I can sneak it by the imps :) (of course, even without this, it will be valuable to have more than 1 combat stat, as all the combat stats will affect combat, regardless of what weapon you're using (though the prime stat for your weapon will matter the most still)


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