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Posted by Donelan on 09/25/96

Can the duration of poultices and fouls and flavors be adjusted? Poultices seem to last no more than about two ticks. One of their great advantages is being able to prepare them ahead of time and slap them on someone during combat. They really decay much too quickly for that now, because they seem to last only about two ticks or so.

And I think flavors and fouls should last until the vessel is either empty or refilled, with a set duration for well-type items that is still a bit more reasonable.

One more thing -- is it possible to add a 'stun' result to the warcry skill that would stun a mob for at least one combat round? I don't really get a paralyzing warcry that often, even with a 100 con, but if I could get a stun from time to time, that would be more useful. At the very least, could it be added to the skill until the trees go in?


From: Nhoj Wednesday, September 25, 03:34AM

I don't think that poultices should last longer. Just carry the herbs with you, there's no reason why you can't make the poultice on the spot. Also, if you're looking for realism, you probably wouldn't be able to neatly poultice someone's wounds while he was fighting...

As for warcry, heck, i already dislike the whole paralyzing thing. Personally, i think that it should be like backstab... make it work at a certain rate depending on your stats and the other mob/char's stats, and then allow it to only paralyze once per round. If you could stun AND paralyze with it, then it becomes a fail-safe skill (i.e. you either stun, paralyze, or take off damage). no skill should be THAT powerful that it ALWAYS works for something.


From: Bulk Wednesday, September 25, 04:59AM

I think poultices SHOULD last longer, since it is fairly reasonable, RL wise, to have medicine prepared before combat, just like salves, etc. I honestly don't see why poultices could last about as long as sanc rings as long as they are not rentable and 'givable', making it just 'usable' by the char that made it (the maker could use it on other chars, but wont be able to give them away)

As far as warcry is concerned, it is NO way a fail-safe skill, as the mobs rage QUITE often, and as of now, i can't see the difference in a minimum con minimum str warcry and a maximum con double str warcry. Besides, those paralyzes sometimes dont even stay for half a round, when the mob has more priority, it seems that a paralyzing warcry does squat and paralyzes happen sooo infrequently anyway, that using a warcry/flee tactic is just a waste of xp for eq, let's say.


From: Donelan Wednesday, September 25, 09:18AM

Forgive me, Nhoj, I don't think I was clear. I'm suggesting a POSSIBILITY of a stunning warcry, like a paralyze that lasts only for a round of combat. So when I use warcry, I might get the usual results (nothing, rage, panic, paralyze) but I might also get a stun from time to time, hopefully more frequently than any of the others. I'm a con fighter with a low perc and a low dex. Warcry is the only fight skill that I have. Kick and headbutt are too dex-based for me to bother with.

As for poultices, I realized last night that I can no longer trade poultices for trueforming any more, because the poultices decay too quickly. And Bulk made a very good point about having your medic prepared before combat. I'm not suggesting that they never decay, or that they last 100 hours, or that they be rentable. But I think that a poultice should last longer than half an hour or so. How about a 10 hour time limit? That's 20 ticks.


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