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Abbreviated rent summary?

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Posted by Donelan on 09/27/96

I suggest changing the rent code to display a summary of items rather than a list. What's the difference? Well, instead of showing you 15 bandages individually, it would show you Bandages x 15 = (rent value). Or add another column, so that you'd have item name, rent value, number of the item, and the final rent value. (Hm. That's two additional columns. Sue me.)

This would really cut down on rent spam, especially for poor herbalists. :)


From: Bulk Wednesday, September 25, 09:23PM

I agree...some of my chars have a tendency to collect hellebores, marigolds, and angelicas, and it really gets annoying to see two screen worth of angelicas when renting, or when typing offer.

oh, can we also have an auto-organize function in our bags? i hate to see angelica, bandage, angelica [2], bandage [4], angelica [5] and stuff.


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