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poultices and decay

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Posted by Beam on 09/28/96

I was thinking about how long some poultices last and it isnt very long, and i can understand healing poultices not lasting long, but some of the others that are supposed to used in combat say horehound poultices, maybe they should last longer than others. So other than sanc rings and id vials and stuff, is the decay rate going to be reviewed or because it was a bug and the rates where set knowing this was gonna be fixed etc...? Maybe druid skills after trees can last longer with levels known and stuff so your flavors and poultices dont dissapear as fast?


From: Rufus Friday, September 27, 08:03PM

those of us who were around before the menu changes remember poultices always lasting such a short period of time. But it does give rise to more uses for the 'preserve' spell.

From: Bulk Saturday, September 28, 02:07AM

EEK! you mean we will be preserving EVERY SINGLE POULTICE we make?!

whoa....given the mana it takes to make such poultices, and to preserves them like every other tick or something would be no better than having them decay that quick.


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