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Posted by Beam on 09/28/96

Can we expect to ever get some of this unimped stuff working? stuff like paralyze spell, or dispel magic spell and potion, or remove alert flag potion. Not to sound flameful or disrectful or anything to immorts, (anyway i guess this is a coding issue?) but it seems like the nonimplemented stuff would be finished before coding another 75 or however many skills. Or have some of these spells potions been regulated to the bad idea area, and others just haven't figured out a way to imp them? And i do realize alert flag herb is in a newer area, and considering how many people i have talked to dispel magic herb may have been added recently. Just wondered :P peace


From: Bulk Saturday, September 28, 02:08AM

dispel magic potion would be waaaaaay too powerful...i do think tho that curse/bless strength/weaken etc. should cancel each other out not just waiting to see which spell outlasts the other. and...remove alertness potion...is there a difference between that and just plain making the mob sleep?

From: Beam Saturday, September 28, 04:10AM

One thing you need to remember is that not everyone can do everything, there are lima druids, and most tara druids dont use 100 mind so most hard mobs can't be slept usually. As for dispel magic being to powerful, it needs to me made so renting out doesnt lose spell affects, then it would have some use, and its on a few muds ive played and it doesn't seem too powerful. And as my original question was were some of them regulated to the bad idea place? Still wondering.


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