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Posted by Beam on 10/06/96

I was wondering why there isnt more neat wands here, other muds i play have lots of neat mobs, seems that most wands here are incredibly renty and have pkill uses to some degree. Maybe general purpose ones would be less rent? Like soultaker 5/5 charges level 20 charm? or will inscribe allow us to make and sell scrolls? Btw if inscribe works that way i sure hope they arent 5k rent or something.


From: Donelan Saturday, September 28, 10:22AM

I think that a wand or scroll should have a charge for the item itself, and then a 10 gp rent charge for each point of mana the item can store. So a wand that can hold 50 points of mana would have a 500 mana charge, plus whatver the wand itself rents for.

Perhaps the rent could be based on the current mana being stored, so that a wand would be easier to rent if it was expended?

I'd also like to see some way to assess how many charges a wand has left.

From: Ptah Saturday, September 28, 03:41PM

Rent charges for wands and scrolls under skill trees have not yet been settled, but the enchant and inscribe skills let you make wands and scrolls.

From: Beam Saturday, September 28, 11:12PM

Thats the best news I have heard in a while, wands will be really fun! I guess everyone will be able to use the wands. I really hope the rent on them isn't too high, and they don't decay, maybe rent determined by how valuable the spell is and the cast level? Inscribe and enchant sound a bit like something for agrabah only mages, will there be many skill trees restricted to one hometown only?


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