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Posted by Manic on 09/30/96

This's the help file for Bonus Points on another MUD, perhaps something similar can be done here? (keeping in mind one that one can also pay for the following where 1 bp = 1 mil gp)

Below is a scale of how many bonus points can get you certain things.
2 points: Sponsor a battle, levels 1-170.
3 points: Sponsor a battle, levels of your choice, or a duel.
4 points: Get a potion with 1 spell of your choice, L200+
6 points: Get a potion with 2 spells of your choice, L200+
8 points: Get a potion with 3 spells of your choice, L200+
10 points: You can rename an item.
25 points: You can have a flag removed on an item(no magic flags).
15 points: An Immortal will do your CR.
40 points: You can change your race.
50 points: You can change your name.

Clan Information:
200 points: You can start a clan, plus recieve 1 room with no extras.
100 points: You can buy an extra additional room.
60 points: You can get a fire for your clan room.
60 points: You can get an altar for your clan room.
100 points: You can get a temple exit for your clan room.
40 points: You can get a healer for your clan room.
25 points: You can get a fountain for your clan room.
50 points: Give your clan room bank capability.
50 points: Give your clan room hospital capability.

Bonus points can be transfered to clan leader, but no other form of bonus point transfer will be allowed under any conditions.

Bonus points can be gained by playing trivia, completing quests, and other imm-run activities. Any other rules regarding them can be gotten by asking an Immortal.

now wouldn't this boost the value of money around here?

btw, campfire and make altar are skills on this other mud, 1 boosts hp regen, the other boosts mana regen.. not only are these much needed here because of very slow regen but also brings people together (without quests or areas that force us to group)


From: Beam Saturday, September 28, 11:22PM

Well the idea of bonus points is good anyway i think, maybe not being able to buy them, but it would allow 1 point being given for a minor prize instead of a cookie or whatever when an a coupon is too big a prize.

From: Manic Sunday, September 29, 02:11AM

mmm, i like the idea of being able to buy them.. some can't win recalltag cos of lag, some are no good at trivia etc and it gives greater worth to money, Daer's been offering to pay plenty for a coupon for ages.. methinks he'd like this idea :)

From: Bulk Sunday, September 29, 03:01PM

Think bonus points, or whatever you call them might be a good idea, and if we do decide on such a system, why not have each cookie worth 1pt. instead of getting another whole system together? that way it'd be easier for players to transfer bonus points, and trying to accumulate too much would be hefty on rent (well, at least at lower lvls..i used to ditch boats/waterskins/lanterns, etc. to make as much space as possible) Clan bonus points sound good, but i think it may need some adjustment depending on the size of the clan too, so we prevent the strong getting too much stronger and have the late-comers a decent chance as well. Hmm. Think just having lotsa cookies having the value of a coupon is a good idea...maybe we could just implement that part?


From: Beam Monday, September 30, 12:31AM

hmm i never saw what cookies and stuff were good for, there kinda like a pat on the head or something, as for collecting them, well its something to do i guess although if they have weight or rent, I would rather eat em. What i was saying was give a point (which has no weight) instead of a cookie, so that one could save up a number of points and finally turn it in for a coupon. So it might be a solution to immorts handing out all (coupon) or a pat on the head (cookie). Actually this other mud does stuff similiar to parrilyn's riddles and gives out 2 bonus points for it. Usually they do puzzles and stuff. As for selling points or coupons, you have to remember their is an infinite supply of gold on the mud, and it is possible to set up a script to collect gold. So until an economy of some sort is set up I think selling points or coupons is a bad idea. If gold was auctually good for something say a mob in hol for each body slot selling all the eq in the game for that slot at high prices. Until then money is pretty useless and trading useless gold for coupons is wacky.

From: Bulk Monday, September 30, 01:37AM

By having points have weight and rent, i think it makes it more harder to accumulate points and trade single points, even, say if 10pts were worth a coupon you could trade 5 cookies for a cobra or something. If points were weightless and rentless, it'd be too easy to have a massive amound of points or the opposite where it'd be hard to accumulate points in a reasonable time since points could never be traded. Besides, i'd like to see more alternative currency other than items and coupons, and if cookies are worth SOMETHING..wait, just thought of something, maybe we can mix the two and give rent/weightless points but by eating cookies, you add to the point? so awarding cookies are more than just points since the holder can trade/sell the point with something else they desire.. how about that, eh?


From: Irony Monday, September 30, 05:03AM

You know, you all think this cookie thing is a great idea, but i bet that if it got implemented, there'd by cries heard all over the mud of favoritism. I personally love the jobs that the immorts do, even if i always lose my old equip in crashes :P however, my players always manage to have a bunch of cookies and coupons, usually won. however, getting awarded a cookie can be pretty arbitrary. some immorts will only give them for winning games, others will give them for finding a typo in their area or for helping a newbie.

if cookies became a super-currency, then you'd have to find some system by which to hand them out, which would mean that they would no longer be a "pat on the head," which is why i personally like them in the first place.

From: Beam Monday, September 30, 11:11AM

Geez you guys are freaking me out, the idea basically has nothing to do cookies, the way i was thinking cookies could either be forgot or still given away makes no difference. But points could be given when a coupon was to big a prize so if 30points equaled a coupon, then 1 point for a correct trivia answer would be cool and maybe if you place and got a coupon then no points. And points couldnt just be given and they couldnt get lost in crashes you would have to ask an immort to transfer them or if they wanted have them not transferrable at all. This is in no way saying that cookies should or would be done away with, it would only allow another type of prize that to be awarded. And this would be especially neat if a points could buy a color coupon, if 30 for noncolor maybe 75 for color?


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