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Fun with Zodiac...

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Posted by Luis on 09/30/96

Some strange ideas hit suddenly my brain...What about setting some horoscope for mud citizens? Each char would have a zodiac sign corresponding to his our of creation..

Each day, an horoscope would be published by imms, giving to a sign bonus on karma for the day...In this way, ppl with a good horoscope will have more karma points and it would be easier to get stuff from random eater mobs, etc...


From: Bulk Monday, September 30, 04:48PM

Is it just me, or does everyone shiver when the word Karma is mentioned? *poke Numa*


From: Greyscot Monday, September 30, 05:10PM

Hmmm... the pickup line "What's your sign?" would certainly make a comeback.

*shudders but isn't necessarily biased being a cool-headed Virgo and all*



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