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Posted by Beam on 10/03/96

I think the decaying bags fix is pretty much hated by everyone, but i realize that its needed to get the system to work right, but if this has just been fixed then now the full effects of the decay times that were put on items in the beginning are being felt. Actually I think features that force player interaction are bad, and i assume this is why sanc rings for example decay otherwise they wouldnt be preservable. Spells decay and effects decay but should eq decay? Almost all of the super high rent items either can only be used so many times or decay, I think that high rent and decay both is a bit much. Since bags are just now being fixed, I would hope that decay times or rent where looked at. One of the major things I have heard people talking about lately is how social interaction is now cramped because you need to either be doing something or go ooc, no more hanging out in inns and talking. Obviously this hurts RolePlayers more, if they want to use a decaying item that is. Why don oops hate that enter beside the hyphen Why don arg Why don't we have a sanctuary spell, and similar type skills for other classes, refuge for druids maybe? etc etc. I really hope this decaying issue can be worked out somehow. heh even a few immorts i talked to were gripping about it. Well if this can't be fixed maybe we can have some online chess games ooc. That be easy to code right? bahaha


From: Mystbane Thursday, October 03, 03:45AM

i agree the bag codes needs to be looked at. It only logically makes sense that something covered up will stay 'perserved' longer than those that are exposed to air and stuff. so how about, instead of suspending the timer, maybe delaying it while it is in a container? Or why not, like DERT bags, make a renty bag that acts as a constant preserve spell? say 1-2k rent for such bag :P

Uhm. about sanctuary skills and stuff. nah. not a good idea, unless just making the druid sort use it, like attackers perc - (your spr + dex) /lvl or something to determine a successful dodge for those with a spiritual-dodge skill *cackle* oops. forgot to add /2 after adding spr and dex. anyway, you get the idea. might as well make a ginseng plant or something that when powdered (another unimp'd skill *cackle*) and rubbed all over you, provides either sanc. or ac? :)



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