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Posted by Lethargio on 10/03/96

like in your whois flags, i think there should be a section for your rp, or personality and such, it'll be able to show something about yourself, to increase RP what do you think? Someone respond if you want to


From: Gail Wednesday, October 02, 01:20PM

unfortunately, this would be rather difficult to code. currently, the table of whois flags is loaded at startup, and there's no "in-game" way of modifying it.

From: Irony Thursday, October 03, 02:23AM

Hey, that's why we get to make titles for ourselves.
You can advertise your rp clan or get a little description of what you do in there...

From: Lethargio Thursday, October 03, 09:14PM

unfortunately, titles are limited to 60 characters, too little to explain yourself much and about the coding thing, I don't really understand what it ment, but anyway its hard to do then


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