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Posted by Beam on 10/04/96

While reading coman's response, I started thinking about something that I had thought about in the past, the fact that one could and some do to a point, level off of the same low level mobs and a select few higher level mobs. Without doing someing like explore xp, Exploration can't really be made mandatory for leveling correct? But the idea I really agreed with was the one about killing dogs in agrabah x number of times and getting x levels. I would suggest some type of xp that lowers each time you kill the same mob. Thereby similating that you know all their tricks after you kill them say 25 times, also a small bit of bonus xp for killing the mob a first time, or a big drop in xp after the first kill. This would lead to more exploring and would encourage people not to level their whole lives on captains. Also it could be a great incentive to kill new mobs and possibly be able to say, I could be a great incentive to kill new mobs and possibly be able to say, I get no xp for the vampire anymore I now know all of his tricks. This might sound extreme so the xp might be better if it didn't reduce like 10k 9k 8k etc on down to 1k then 0k, but it reduce like 15k first kill 11k 10.7k etc until it dropped to a base xp percentage say 50 percent? All that would have to be balanced but I think it would really add to the mud. First kill xp could also consider what level you were when you first killed the mob, and give further bonuses for extra low level while doing first kills. Lastly I want to point out that this is all very similiar to how xp works now, but that instead you getting 0xp for a rabbit at level 40 (guessing) you might instead get 0 xp after 200 kills? Also if this was coded it would give much more flexibility in mob design, and possibly for questing. I also agree completely with coman about different weapon proficiencies. Hopefully if you read this you will give your opinion, whether you think its stupid or a good idea, I really like to see feedback to these board discussions

peace beam

From: Bulk Thursday, October 03, 02:45PM

Although I think it may be a good idea, I think that will put too much burden on true newbies, who have hard time already advancing in levels even if they do stick to the same mobs. Wasnt it you that pointed out how hard it is to lvl here as a newbie? I mean, there are times when you really have to stick to mutts and beetles (wimpy mage chars really have to stick to those until they decide to learn weaponskills after learning all the words) and rely on their xp to lvl. Granted you could just repeat certain xp quests to lvl, but following this theory, repeated quests should also grant you less xp. Now if that was to happen, not only newbies, but ppl stuck in the same lvl due to an xp hole created by a death would have nothing to kill. (imagine dying at lvl 4 just b4 you were about to lvl. Not having gained any edge over the mobs, you would have to battle them all over, and IN ADDITION, they would grant less and less xp!) This is, IMHO, somewhat true after lvl 35 as well, where all you gain is maybe extra rent for a sanc and extra mana and hps, and really no advantage whatsoever over the mobs --i mean, most ppl maxed out their stats and everything by then, i am pretty sure, and we still have to resort to killing the same mobs (blame me for not being courageous, but all the mobs i'm killing now, i killed them around lvl 22-35 as well, though the tactics might have changed a little now that i have more hps to spare) What I think *might* be a good substitute of lowering mob xp maybe a whois flag that'll add itself to the player if a player slays a mob, say 100 times or more? (*cackle* it'd also be a bragging right thingie too, i can imagine :P)


From: Beam Thursday, October 03, 04:51PM

Surely you haven't killed every mob below your level? Also keep in mind the lower levels will be straightened out with the skill tree changes hopefully. So the xp to level will be more reasonable. It really would encourage exploring and you would be a better player for it too. Yes some mobs are harder for some type of characters to kill, but this is mainly at higher levels. Maybe killing mobs that were tough on your class would be worth more xp. Oh and I would also like to say i agree with coman about dts too, they hurt new players more than anyone, and I think there just plain bad.

From: Bulk Thursday, October 03, 05:38PM

Of course, i havent killed every mob below my lvl, but my other chars have killed every newbie-accessible mob while going through a search for words and whatnot. Moreover, it IS more of a problem at lower lvls, not higher lvls. Imagine a druid/mage wannabe without any cool spells or poultices, that are saving prac points for words and druidic skills instead of weaponskills and weapon stats.

Granted, they'd gain much more benefits later for their hardship, but i dont think it isnt hard enough already to lvl such chars-- additional constraints will mess us up even more, and with all the mobs having skills that players dont at lower lvls (dodge, tripping acts, and wolfhound's 'raking across your flesh' that takes off 7-8pts which is a good 4th or 5th of your hps) it will be hell to lvl any non-combat oriented char. Though I agree DT's dont do much against experienced players, but those placed in hunt routes really, really are more designed for those medium-lvl players that dont explore out of their norms. Besides, if you are truly new, like i was, you never step into a durn DT--when i was a newibe, i typed ex every time i moved, and even did so while i was in my hometown. DTs, tho i guess the reliance on such represents a flaw in this system, i think they add to the flavor of this mud, and forces some mob-killing tactics to be reconsidered at times, etc.

Well, sorta got longwinded here, but basically what i am saying is that the declining mob xp is bad, and would be hell to keep track, and would not enhance or encourage exploration (no hometown boasts a complete set of skills for ppl anyway, and with skill trees and emphasis on skills, the locations of teachers alone would force exploration) and besides, hometowns are designed to KEEP newbies for a while--not to force them out.


From: Beam Thursday, October 03, 07:22PM

I agree if it was poorly designed it could make things worse of course any skill or feature can do that if its not balanced properly. Maybe just an xp bonus for the first time you kill a mob instead.

From: Bulk Friday, October 04, 03:41AM

now that sounds a lot better. just while we're on xploration topic, i know we dont get xploration xp while following somebody, now. can we have it so you dont get xploration xp when you are using the 'hunt' skill? i mean, *pleads guilty* there are ppl who just ask for mobs to hunt to get to a certain place, and i think by having this implemented, only those that purely xplore, without a destination (or with one but without a guiding trail) can earn xploration xp.


From: Beam Friday, October 04, 09:36AM

Yah maybe so, but a lot of that is because you sometimes need to doubleback like east west, and you enter a different room, or their isnt even an exit going back the way you came. And some areas the only way you can get a handle on them is by memorizing a certain pattern to get through, all these things lead to the hunt skill being extremely important. Rooms that look alike are fine with me, but unlogical exits are a bit much if one was expected to explore without hunt, But knowing this I have no problem with using hunt. A few rooms here are supposed to get you lost. I think its silly when your in a group and you go have a person rest, and you leave west and enter the room with them again. But these are interesting to a point, and i guess it just comes down to how many things like this there are. At least this mud isnt like some others I have played where theres 2000 rooms for areas and another 2000 for roads or more!

peace beam

From: Gail Friday, October 04, 07:45PM

There are something like 3000 player files, anf 1500 mobs. to keep track of who killed what mobs would require some 4.5 million entries of some sort.
That's a lot of disk space.
Even just keeping track of the players on-line would require almost a meg of ram.


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