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Headbutt bug(?)

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Posted by Mystbane on 10/12/96

The fact that the mobs stop combat when you fall to the ground stunned is a bug, right?



From: Gail Tuesday, October 08, 08:26PM

nope. If you check the messages, you'll notice that you only fall to the ground stunned after a "you knock them down with a powerful headbutt" message. i.e. you hit them, but got knocked out in the process. the helpfile for headbutt says that if you headbutt someone, they stop attacking till attacked. you're not attacking, you're stunned.

From: Mystbane Tuesday, October 08, 08:31PM

then question:
so if i headbutted player A in pkill, and i fall to the ground stunned, does that mean player A is 'stunned' as well, or can he type 'kill mystbane' to reingage combat?

From: Morphine Tuesday, October 08, 09:25PM

They're equally stunned.. It's happened many a time where both stunned players keep typing 'backstab other player', in a war to see who gets it through first after the tick.


From: Mystbane Wednesday, October 09, 12:46AM

just goes on to show how there are virtually none other than dex players... 'backstab.' bleah.

From: Manic Saturday, October 12, 07:17AM

I just hope it stays the way it is with the skillchanges (making it possible to fight more than 1 mob or player at once), headbutt the one you're not fighting and they need to be woken or a tick's gotta pass.. works great. *brandish clapper* >:}


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