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Posted by Mystbane on 10/12/96

I remember seeing this discussed once in the LDL, but it seems that the only imm that answered it (arky) is inactive, so I bring it up again.

Backstab seems to have, most of the time, only 1 combat round worth of skill delay, and sometimes even 0. Is this a bug or another one of those advantages ppl get for initiating a fight with a backstab?


From: Erodic Thursday, October 10, 03:04AM

As far as I know, it's an advantage of backstab

not that i know anything...

From: Kaige Thursday, October 10, 12:26PM

Backstab has a 2 round wait associated with it that is applied to successful hits. I have never noticed it to be any less with my mortal who makes wide use of the backstab skill and the kick skill. I will check into this further tho.


From: Zane Friday, October 11, 11:19PM

Player backstabs mob. Skill delay starts. Mob gets no attack. End of round 1. Mob attacks player. Player attacks mob. End of round 2. End of skill delay. Player is now free to use other skills. Mob got cheated of 1 combat round. :)

That's the way I figure it, anyway.

From: Mystbane Saturday, October 12, 04:23PM

While i am at it...when killing a mob with the backstab, the description is that the mob falls to the ground *silently*. Is it possible to remove you hear its death cry from the death message? the mob was supposed to fall to the ground silent...


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