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Posted by Manic on 11/02/96

I've been getting stuck right into quests lately on another mud while i was never real keen on them here in the past, not sure exactly why but the main difference is that on the other mud, quests don't depend on mob interaction as nearly as much as they do here and instead is more subtle with many objects secret passageways etc being hidden within the rooms descriptions, you look at something in the desc which leads you to look or do something to what that reveals etc, a single room can have a lot of depth and can make a quest a lot more interesting..


From: Chocorua Thursday, October 31, 08:44AM

wow all in one breath.

anyhow, our quests have alot of depth as well. they just require alot of thought, personally I like teh idea of having rooms with extra descripts, lead you to the quest end. I am sure its been done here, though i haven solved all the quests yet so i dunno. But i can say that if all quests were just done with extra descriptions solving them would become very mechanical, l word 1, l word 2, l word 3...

just my thoughts


From: Psytrac Thursday, October 31, 09:48PM

There are quests that make you read the full desc. of the room. *poke*

From: Beam Thursday, October 31, 10:32PM

what he is talking about is that on the other mud say in the vampires room in the description there might be a coffin, you would then look into it or whatever, sometimes it uses special commands like turn etc, the difference here on legend is that you can turn on brief, and basically tell if theres anything in the room to interact with because you will see it on the ground apart from the room description. This also leads to stuff like open bushes, leave bushes, and seeing exits like e w s n hallway etc. Basically i like the system here because except for hidden exits its easy to determine all the rooms and items around. But on the other hand pystrac is right that most all the quests here involve mob interaction, and asking them keywords a lot of the time if you can figure the keyword to ask the quest is pretty easy and if you can't then your stuck. I guess they are on a different kind of codebase. Maybe it could be down without much changing, by putting something in the description about the item, putting the item in the room but not making it visible by normal means or see invisible, but still allowing a person to interact with it. That way looking at the room desc would help but just running through a room you would miss it. One of the muds i played that was like this was a tolkien based mud named mume or the other one which the name i forget.

From: Ptah Friday, November 01, 10:22AM

We have plans to add functionality so that the extra descriptions in rooms can be interacted with in a more complex manner than merely looking at them. We also have plans to extend the script system to permit a generic "use" command that lets builders make custom functionality on items. But both of these things are a ways away, as they are well beyond the normal scope of Diku-style mud architectures.

There are several quests on the mud that make use of interacting with room elements... Arabia murals, for example.


From: Beam Saturday, November 02, 03:26AM

wow that sounds good. I realized as i was writing the append that some quests utilize room descriptions such as sherwood circle type quests. I do think though that some quests should be very hard, and some easier so that people wanting a real challenge have something to do, but as for making them so that someone can't be told what to do I have no idea. Make the mobs want you to do more than just one thing randomized so that one couldn't lead another through the quest? Maybe a couple different endings?

In general I do think that this muds quests rely alot on mob interaction (asking etc) and that interaction with room descriptions might add a whole new element to quests. Glad to see you already thought of it.


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