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Business opportunity!

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Posted by Donelan on 11/04/96

It seems to me that the herbal profession is becoming a little more popular recently. This create an astounding business opportunity for some enterprising mob. Currently, there are few places where herbalists can purchase supplies to practice their skills, and even then in limited quantities. The largest amount of an herb I can buy is only 10 handfuls. That's only enough for 5 augmented poultices (the best kind)! The people I usually travel with can go through 5 poultices in no time!

If you need a business model, go check out the supply store in San Francisco. The proprietor there sells supplies for another profession, and sells them in bulk, or so I am given to understand. He's making money hand over fist. I would travel the ends of the earth if I could truly purchase herbal supplies in bulk.

From: Psytrac Monday, November 04, 04:34PM

But such supplies dont grow everywhere :P

From: Donelan Monday, November 04, 09:04PM

Herbs grow in many places, but must I spend all my time poking around, picking up an angelica here, a garlic bulb there? I'd be just as useful to my group as you'd be if you had to dig old civil war battlefields for bullets. :P


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