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Posted by Ulric on 11/05/96

I was wondering, it seems like create magic (at least 3rd circle) seems to encompass some elemental spells. Well what I was thinking is that to expand the magic system here, but still stay in the historical theme, why cant necromancy and demonology be two new schools of magic... similar to create and cause. Necromancy is a huge part of history, with the obvious fasination of spirits and the deceased, and demonology was also very predominate with the witch doctors and witches. These are just some ideas that I wanted to throw out and the benifits of each:

Necromancy- maybe a summon dead spell that lets you summon the mob that you killed with a spell or even an herb... this would also open up to tomb robbing to reach more useful spirits that could maybe teach special skills. Maybe you could even summon other players corpses in pkill? of course you could have the normal combat spells similar to immolate like touch of death or something like that...

Demonology- Hell would be a big reason for this school, with the binding and summoning of demons. etc... you could enchant you weapons with the demon you summoned making it do something special, or just have the demons strength, or con for a few rounds...

This is just an idea I wanted to throw out.. whatever feedback anyone wants to offer would be nice. Thanks.

Ulric the demonologist wanna be..


From: Psytrac Tuesday, November 05, 04:02AM

you go on ahead and code all that, then submit it :P

j/k. but i do think it may be worth while considering adding more schools of magic, or allowing hometowns other than agrabah access to one or two 3rd circle words (or one or two of their choice) or lifting the word-access restriction but placing heftier stat req for non-agrabah mages (maybe doubling spr req on 3rd circle words, or something to that extent), and granting all hometowns access to most skills but at heftier cost (with the advent of skill usage, maybe code it so that not only does it take more stats to learn it, but it also makes other skills deteriorate faster if using such skills, perhaps?).

I just wanted to see more flexibility in a character with certain stats, since spamming to change profession seems to be thrown out the window..(soon enough, anyway)

Any major reasons why hometown differentiation should be as strict as it is now? Or is it just for convenience sakes? It'd make much more interesting RP i think, if ppl from the ancient could repair, modern ppl chant decent magic, etc...

Psytrac - agrabah thief with 4 words that he has to spam for.

From: Ulric Tuesday, November 05, 11:37AM

Well actually it would be easier to just add in two new 3rd circle words that allow you new spells then add two more schools of music. It would be interesting if certian hometowns could use different 3rd circle words.. or if like you said, more hometowns have more access to magic. It seems to me like the mind requirements for some of the more important 3rd circle words should be much higher.. who should be able to run around with 100 dex and 60 and still be able to use all their words? Adding two new third circle words with like a 80 mind minimum would seem logical IMHO.


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