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Posted by Beam on 11/07/96

I was wondering if this board is considered for questions also. I don't really feel this board is very useful if we dont get any feedback from immorts. Sometimes an immort will append sometimes not. Would mudmail be better? The specific post that i was wondering about was "unimped stuff."


From: Ptah Thursday, November 07, 04:18PM

We don't always have time to append to everything, or to spend a lot of time getting into an involved discussion about an idea. :(

To reply to the specific ones in the previous post "unimped stuff":
- paralyze was deemed to be a rather tricky idea to balance.
- dispel magic is difficult to implement and has some major design decisions that would need made. It would also alter the balance of thegame quite a lot.
- remove alertness is coming with the new herb stuff in skill tres, I believe.

mudmail would NOT be better as it deprives the other players of a chance to critique the idea, which is very helpful to the immorts.


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