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Posted by Donelan on 11/09/96

Horses are neat. I'm looking forward to owning one when Legend's next revision is installed. Here are some things I'd like to see:

1. Horses that follow you are neat, but the mv costs for each room are for people. Horses are much more sturdy. In fact, horses don't tire when you are riding them -- why should they tire when you are following them, especially when riding with you in your boat? I suggest another mv cost just for mounts, whether they are being ridden or not.

2. We've all been riding bareback so far. How about letting us purchase a saddle, which would make it easier to ride the horse? Typing 'put saddle horse' would give the saddle to the horse and make the horse wear it. Looking at the horse, you'd see the saddle .

3. Horses are used for more than just riding. They can carry things too. Add containers like saddlebags, or even large packs. Let us put these on our horses too, like the saddles. A pack would be worn about the body, so you couldn't use a horse for a pack and riding. Saddlebags could be worn on the body, maybe, or you could have saddles that include saddlebags. Add they keyword 'horse' to these items, so that you could 'get horse' rather than typing saddlebag or horsepack.


From: Kahlan Saturday, November 09, 01:58PM

Hey, I like that, except if there's a crash, the horse probably wouldn't save. You should include elephants in that. :)

From: Donelan Saturday, November 09, 04:21PM

The last LT said that owned mobs like horses will save between reboots. I dunno about crashes.

The imms might also consider that horses get hungry and thirsty too. Perhaps they should start grazing or drinking from pools and troughs. Or maybe players need to start carrying feed bags around. :)

From: Lagmonster Saturday, November 09, 06:17PM

Hey, i like that idea too. But that'd really hurt if a thief stole yer horse, eh? *imagines areas with mobs that try to steal your horse from you*

From: Donelan Saturday, November 09, 06:47PM

*imagines players that try to steal your horse from you* *cackle*

From: Shalindra Saturday, November 09, 08:34PM

Does that mean I get to own Kaedon for my horsey? *duck*


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