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Posted by Lagmonster on 11/14/96

One final thing before i leave...let's have a level restriction on the earring quest, much like the ritter quest, to prevent this dumb logging lvl 1 chars to surrender earring crap. I am getting sick of watching MrBlonde, MrPink, and whatever other chars Densiva and Nikolas bothered to log in to do this dumb quest to line their pockets with gold.


From: Nikolas Thursday, November 14, 06:46AM

Ok lagmonster, you are apparently accusing me of soemthing I have no knowledge of so lets see some goddam proof, otherwise keep your goddam mouth shut. What Densiva does is his problem, but don't mix me up in something like that unless you have some goddam proof. As to logging on newbies to do this quest, perhaps yo


If any immort has any questions about please talkto me about it< i don't like seeing my name on this board, and I DON'T LIKE BEING FALSELY ACCUSED OF ANYTHING>

ALso I want an apology written on this same post within the next 24 hours please.


From: MrPink Thursday, November 14, 07:02AM

I dont see what all the Hub Bub is about me ? all the colors are close friends of mine, if you wish.. i can have all of them logon and beat your bulbus punkin head in ! So quit your bitchin and leave !

A shout out to all !

[ Reservior dog ] clan is here :P

Mr. Pink !

From: Densiva Thursday, November 14, 07:06AM

your just mad that you didnt think of it! Punkinhead! :P

i hate to break this to you, but all of the characters that ive taken on the earring quest were legit characters.

but just the fact that i make money off of them seem to piss you off!

which is cool with me! :P

and further more, Nik has nerver been involved in doing the earring quest...you will give him an apology for your comments!


From: Beam Thursday, November 14, 08:31AM

Well lagmonster has a valid argument whether the people he named were doing it or not, a level limit on the earring quest might be a good idea.

From: Ptah Thursday, November 14, 02:01PM

Aside from the issue of who is accusing whom of something which isn't really a crime, but merely poor sportsmanship, there's the issue of the people doing the quest for others, or too easily.

Yes, it's a lousy thing, I think we can all be agreed on that. The practice of giving away quest walkthrus basically sucks. :( We as imms cannot do anything about it except remind the players that those who do so, such as Densiva, are ruining the game for those like MrPink who foolishly take the offer.

The thrill of discovery and satisfaction of doing the quest yourself are gone, and the player becomes bored more quickly as everything is handed to them on a platter.

Perhaps a level limit is the answer, or even more flags on an already topheavy quest that was designed originally for groups. But it's clear that any form of group quest will be a failure as long as the attitude of the players is merely one of getting ahead. So I will ask the building staff to look into redesigning the quest so that it can only be done by one person and only gives one earring and requires a high level or something. :P



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