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Posted by Densiva on 11/14/96

well, for your infromation Lagmonster all of the characters that ive guided on the earring were legit characters...just ask them!

maybe you get a better pair of glasses...Nik has nothing to do with it and further more, its non of your ***ing bussiness what i do or how i do it!

DenSiva :P

From: Ptah Thursday, November 14, 02:05PM

It is very much his business, and the tone of your post is not appreciated. If players are damaging the longterm viability of the game by their excessive"generosity" in giving assistance, it's everyone's issue

In this particular case, it's pretty clear that the Seoni earring quest has NEVER worked from that perspective. From day one, people have been abusing the heck out of it.

This is merely more of the same sort of abuse.

"It's possble to do it that way" does not mean that it is desirable to do it that way. Perhaps if earrings become extraodrinarily scarce instead of common like now, the quest will return to its correct place in the mud. :P



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