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Posted by Laggie on 11/15/96

Apologies to Nikolas whom I have falsely accused--it made perfect sense to me at the time of accusation knowing the proximity of you two RL.

However, as far as my accusations for Densiva goes, I have nothing to apologize for, and Densiva, you are not the first person to ever think of the idea, it is just that people who has done so had more integrity than you did, and asked ACTUAL players, instead of logging all these dummy chars that are out there for the earring purpose alone. Prove otherwise by logging them consistantly, and RP'ing them, or even letting me see all of them at the same time, so I know it is not one person just changing names to mass produce earrings.

I do think lvl restriction is the best solution--the ritter quest, which does not even give any permanent eq is lvl restricted, and unless you redesign the quest in such a way that one person cannot repeatedly "help" others, or have an immortal keep an eye (heck, if I can notice it, ANYONE can) on such. I mean, if you see somebody going through the earring quest just after every reboot/crash or a repop, it is very obvious that it is mass-production, IMHO



From: Nikolas Friday, November 15, 09:11PM

Apology accepted


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