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I think it is not fair

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Posted by XXX on 11/24/96

I think it is not fair, that i will get roundabout 360 ex on a perfect-mach kill on lev 9, but i will loose half my ex if i will be killed. I was killed two times now: first time i was just 300 poinst away from lev 10 and second time I had 87000 ex.

Every kill I lost about 44000 ex because i was killed from a perfect match with no chance to flee.

Now I am bored to walk through the world, looking for easy kills and kill them. I think there is no relation between the ex i get and the ex i loose. I think this is a point, some builders should change something. I am playing now 80 hours and have 36000 ex.

Other players with 80 hours could have over 1000000 ex. Ok they made quests or found Ex-Rooms, but if you learned english only in school for 2 years, it is very heard to solve a quest. And the Exrooms, I think they should be visited on higher level, because I think it is more important at a higher level to get free ex.

ok, but this is only a thaught from a young man lost in thaughts.


From: Haul Sunday, November 17, 03:29PM

It is truly frustrating to lose xp, especially at lower lvls when the cap does not apply and xp is xponentially harder to get back. However, it is not an impossible task, though repeated deaths can make the mudding experience extremely monotonous, as there are only so many quests that can be done at earlier levels, and even those, when losing 44k ish xp per death, do not help much with their 1k ish xp, and knowing that some are once-per-char, it is rather disturbing to use up xp that way. Part of it of course has to do with the fact that the mud is filled with mobs that are easy kills for a dex fighter, or even a mage with an early stun, but not so for any other type of char around.

Maybe newbies should not lose xp when they die. We have hard enough time exploring the mud with our measly mvs, and, if something made us ineligible from permaing, something to the effect of losing less xp should be looked at as well. Medium to high levelers can benefit immensely by being led around in a group while sucking up xp. Same is not true in newbie groups, as there are not enough newbie mobs to actually benefit from the fact that you are taking less damage. Calculating the time spent on regenerating mv, a newbie group, whether they are very successful at timing skills, taking less damage, etc, does not really matter as they will eventually have to rest up quite a while waiting for mvs, and it seems to me that it evens out with soloing.

I am not saying death is bad. All my chars benefitted immensely from death as well, finding more things about this world, growing in character as they are forced to interact a bit more, and learning quests etc.

However, newbie deaths should really be looked at, with the relative hardship in regaining xp, sometimes even corpse retrieval, not to mention the fact that sometimes your corpse will decay by the time you gather enough mv to actually reach your corpse.

Haul. got ripped to bits by the tiger twice, and has seen his total xp plummet...but climbed out of it :P

From: Lethargio Sunday, November 17, 09:02PM

after the skilltrees it would ease the xp loss in lower levels i think i died 22 times at level 5, so I think dying once isn't so bad, don't you think? i think i died at least 75-100 times...i think until i got to level 48...well i wouldn't know, i don't keep track

From: Bacchanal Tuesday, November 19, 04:24PM

simple solution: don't die

From: Azhrarn Thursday, November 21, 07:14PM

XXX, This mud is made for high level players, with no sympathy or suport for newbies.

The only newbies who can make it here are oldies starting new characters. So, if you don't have a friend who is an oldie, you might as well quit.

From: Ptah Saturday, November 23, 02:04PM

Azhrarn's post is simply not true. I suggest that if he is one who is responsible for spreading that feeling among players, that HE is the one who might as well quit. :P

Fact is, we don't get many sugegstions as to what to do to help newbies. Last one I got suggested making the corbies in Hell easier. :P It's very apparent that players themselves do not wish to help newbies other than their friends.

I'd suggest that Azhrarn make himself part of the solution instead of part of the problem by actively helping newbies in some sort of organized fashion and this disproving his own statement.


From: Beam Sunday, November 24, 12:31AM

Well not to talk bad about here or anything i think there is a grain of truth in azhrarn's post I mean things are being made easier right. Therefore things are too hard now? I have suggested a few things to make newbies lives easier and its sad that most every newbie help type thing I could think of was deemed bad because it would help out oldbies too. On the other hand a hard mud is kinda nice in a few ways and it gives some value to those hard earned levels, everyone starts off the same when they start here usually, not knowing anyone I mean, and its kinda neat that you have to make a good friend to get some serious help. Im totally against this hey im a newbie level me stuff.

I guess it comes down too the fact that its near impossible to make a mud thats hard on oldbies and fair to newbies?


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