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Posted by Lethargio on 11/23/96

I think if coupons is a way to express personality, maybe they can be used to change a hit message of a weapon, or maybe if that weapon does a special thing (ex: devil's trident, wormy) it can change those messages too.

Of course, It'll have to be approved by an imm, just like regular strings. I'm not sure if this will work, because I don't know any of the technical stuff...just an idea I thought of just now


From: Ptah Thursday, November 21, 01:43PM

That's not actually that easy to do, unfortunately. :(

From: Mystbane Saturday, November 23, 06:04AM

Which reminds me, any plans on having new weapon types? As in, those that combine two or all three types, i.e., a slashing/piercing weapon, or a bludgeoning/piercing weapon, etc?

From: Ptah Saturday, November 23, 02:07PM

Some of those exist now, actually. They are weapons that have two attacks. However, they obey the first attack's type in terms of attack speed.

I suspect that making a weapon that served you under any proficiency would be rather unbalancing...


From: Haul Saturday, November 23, 07:00PM

Not exactly any, but rather that would serve best when both or all stats for that weapon was high. It maybe highly unlikely to be able to implement such a weapon that will benefit under both expert swordsmanship and expert fencing, but i was more thinking of weapons that will allow you to get more swings if you had high enough stats on the 'other,' making it more worthwhile making characters with 'fighting stats' maxed out. I.e., a spear (piercing/bludgeoning--under new system) would give you 3 swings if you had just all con, but maybe 4 if you also had dex, etc. Hope this made sense..


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