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hp/mv/ma table for skilltrees

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Posted by Gho on 11/27/96

Going by the table in the latest LT it looks as if con fighters are destined to do half the damage as dex or strength (else it'll surely be unbalance), then i think to myself, how about those with 100 con 100 dex (or str), they'll be able to do a lot of damage plus have a lot of hp's.. i have a feeling the current table will make the various fighter types difficult to balance. This's how i reckon it should be (taking into consideration the removal of sancs from the game): 0 con: 400 hp, through to 100 con: 800 hp's. given a range of 400, 30 con = 520 hp's, 50 = 600, 80 = 720 etc. 800 may seem a lot but that's still 200 less than we have now with sancs. as for mana and moves, that shouldn't be con but mind and dex based.


From: Haul Wednesday, November 27, 06:33AM

The table in the LT sounds pretty fair to me, as my con warriors seem to be not too much higher or lower that amount on the table. Though having people with 100 con and 100 dex might seem unbalancing, with that calculation, every two fighting stat combo should do well, with str/dex doing 4x dam while taking 1x, str/con doing 2x while taking 2x, and con/dex doing 2x while taking 2x. Of course, mage types will be put at a 'disadvantage' in this strict comparison, but that, IMHO, seems only natural.

As far as the not-having-sanc issue goes, 800 does seem quite a bit to me, as i recall pkill bouts lasting quite a bit when I tried doing so with a char that had 1000ish sanced. Well, I am not really sure about this topic I guess, since I have no clue as to whether sancs are going out the window or not, whether mobs will obey by this table or not (tho i am sure The Inn Keeper would not :P), or how much the removal of the damcap will affect all this.


ACK! btw, I honestly hate the idea of having mv dex based. Dex already gets AC bonus and hitroll, and being more nimble does not really help you cross the atlantic without taking a break, whereas having high stamina (con) or strength might. I really wish the mv either remained con or be an average of couple other stats.

From: Gho Wednesday, November 27, 06:42AM

well, i'm sure conan the barbarian would be considered to be one with high constitution, more so than your average marathon runner but i wouldn't go putting my money on him.. perhaps con AND dex based but anyways, i don't think reality should really be taken into consideration, it's dex based on other muds and other games simply because it works best that way. dex dominates the mud now with good reason as far as realism's concerned hmm, going back to the table.. let's have a look at 100 dex 100 perc, they'd have 50-60 con (if it's possible to get by being as stupid as you can now), 314 hp's vs 550 hp's of a con fighter, how're you going to make get poultice pack use poultice for the difference? making con fighters worse than are now seems the (doh!).. only option.

From: Haul Wednesday, November 27, 07:12AM

With dex getting AC and hitroll, con getting hps, mind getting mana, str getting damroll, perc and spirit are left in the cold--that is, if perc gets adjusted and hitroll actually gets to mean something after the trees...

But perc makes up for this by granting a LOT of skills (a dex/perc) char can, even now, come pretty close to using up most of his pracs compared to other non-mages) and Spirit seems to make it up by poultices and whatnot. Since being smart, keen, and close to nature would not really make you run further, it's down to the 'combat stats,' and when dex already has TWO things, that are going to become more important after the trees, why make it even more powerful by having mv determined by dex as well? We could make mv a fixed number per level, or maybe the new hiking skill will not be dex-based, but IMHO, it is only logical that it stay con, or maybe work in conjunction with strength.


At this point, not knowing what Perc is going to do after the skill trees, i think its rather risky and flimsy to predict matchups with con/dex against dex/perc, but having a nice backstab alone should reduce that hp gap, throws landing more reliably with high perc could reduce the gap, and..having guns or bows could easily reduce that gap as well, without necessarily harming the con fighters.

From: Ulric Wednesday, November 27, 02:21PM

Well my concern is not only with the dex con and str changes but with the mind changes.. (or ones that should be made). At the moment, a 50 mind mage is pretty much equal to a 100 mind mage except for stun. Why should a 50 mind mage be able to immolate, and cast all the other good spells with a 50 mind? A dex fighter with 50 dex is much worse than a 100 dex fighter. I just dont wanna see people after skill trees being able to have 100 str or con or dex and a 50 or 60 mind and being better than a 100 mind mage do to their superior fighting skills and almost equivalent casting ability.

Maybe the minimum mind requirement for rudh and a few other 3rd circle words should be increased? How about a minimum of 80 mind for rudh? If you want REAL mages.. make it to where the mages with 100 mind have an advantage over the lesser mind mages, besides chant guh lak vya ex obviously.

just a thought..

From: Haul Wednesday, November 27, 07:10PM

maybe it's just me, but i was under the impression that immolate and other such cool spells did damage depending on your mind, meaning higher mind = more damage. Also, i thought the sleep spell, as well as many other spells such as magic sink and stuff, are a LOT better with high mind (100) rather than the bare minimum.

And since the amount of mana you have will be 'current' mind based, I really don't think the requirements for words should be changed. I mean, looking at that table, with 60 mind, you'll have about 200 less mana to play around with compared to a 100mind..that's 20 stuns or something. Besides, those walking with minimum mind should be easily stunnable by those with high mind, as those with minimum dex (for dodge or tumble) are easily kick/bash/whatever-able by those with 100dex. Of course, if fighting against a char with 20dex, even a 60dex char will land kicks and stuff, just as the 60mind char will stun 20mind chars and prolly do more damage by casting immolate and stuff.

just another thought..


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