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Posted by Haul on 12/03/96

I think this board is rather cluttered right now, and though there are discussions long dead, they are interesting to read over (when bored) and stuff...but since it is pretty spammy, I was wondering if some, uhm, kind imm or player could volunteer to make a cliff's note version of this board somewhere else and clean the 'active' board up? Maybe the coding department could code a second board where posts that have not been answered in a given time period would automatically vanish from this 'active board' and find themselves on the 'archive' or 'inactive' board?

Haul...gets disconnected at times typing 'l board'


From: Kaige Tuesday, December 03, 05:58PM

Typing SCREENLENGTH 23 before typing 'look board' will prevent you from losing link. The web discussion board is always up for use and it's even easier to tell which are the newest unread messages. If I have time I will see about moving some of the longer, older messages to a different place. It's likely to be to the web pages, and I can't guarantee when I'll have to do it.


From: Beam Tuesday, December 03, 09:18PM

I think board posts should all be archived. Even though there is a lot of spam it would go even further than the lt to provide mud history.


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