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Posted by Laurel on 11/27/96

I was a little confused when items in melbourne changed the way they did. The items were very desireable before the change, now they are very useless and other existing items being the way they are are going to continue to fill up the slots melbourne items do. The robes of acadamia did have rent that was unproportional to their stat, but why descrease stats making them useless to a lot of character types. After all the long black robe in salem has the same +amount as the robes did before the change, they were just 1k higher in rent (they change different stats). And the shamelessly short gown was a wonderful item, not unbalanced IMHO if the rent were simply increased.

Sometimes i just down understand why things like this happen. If you are going to balance an item, don't make it pretty much worthless compared to current items.



From: Haul Wednesday, November 27, 08:41PM

I agree that the shamelessly short gown was a really cool item, and for a second (with some other items) i thought that the area was intended to give str warriors more of an option. Rather than having fixed the stats such that it is practically useless, its relatively easy damagability and being somewhat hard-to-get would have justified its out-of-spec'ness (i'm making up words as i go along, so bear with me :/)...maybe it should have been adjusted slightly making it within spec by deducting more, not getting rid of the bonuses... As far as the robes of academia goes, I personally never liked +5 items as they are rather boring (that is, +5on one stat), but, again, making it the way it is now i think made it really useless too.

And since we are discussing Melbourne...what's up with that quest item you get? If it serves another purpose, i should be shot, but if it doesnt, i think it's waaaay too renty for what it does.


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