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50 mind/50 spr

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Posted by Lethargio on 12/17/96

for a londoner to get 50 mind/50 spr, Is a REAL pain, after the skilltrees, will there be more skills that you can use with those stats besides entrance and surgery? its a pain in the butt to get those stats, plus after the trees your st plus after the trees your stats doesn't chant instantly like how it does now so, I wish that there will be more skills for a londoner to use at that stat level.

Lethargio (I'm probably the only one right now who actually went through the trouble of getting those stats constantly), the journeyman


From: Leth Tuesday, December 10, 01:32AM

it'll also be a pain in the butt to manage to maintain that stats in the skilltrees too

From: Mhsa Tuesday, December 17, 06:40PM

Keeping those stats isn't difficult for me at all. I can operate naked if I like. :P


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