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Posted by Sin on 12/03/96

I'd like to see more combat skills...here are a few I thought of:
Knee (CON/STR)
Elbow (DEX/STR)
Paralyze (DEX/MIND) (You have to know where to hit the pressure points)

Also, when are martial arts going in? Skill trees? What ever happened to Japan? I cant wait to make a Samurai or Ninja...



From: Ptah Monday, December 02, 08:18PM

Kneeing and elbowing don't quite sound like individual skills to me, but rather part of the new "wrestling" skill.

Paralyze seems rather redundant as it would be just another stun method.

Martial arts are not coming in with skill trees, probably, though we're still planning on doing them.


From: Onion Tuesday, December 03, 04:21AM

actually, the paralyzing thing doesn't sound too bad to me.

i mean, what is a mage expected to do once he runs out of mana? unless this is similar to choke hold, of course...

From: Ptah Tuesday, December 03, 05:17PM

Yes, chokeholds and pins and of course headbutt, entrance, warcry, paralyzing backstabs, stun spell, and various other methods all have essentially the same effect (though with different potency and durations)--to multiply the damage done. There are already skills planned for each fighting prof that supply this, so adding a pressure point thing seems redundant.


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