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Posted by Grumble on 12/10/96

I will not put stats on this board, i will just make vague references: the twisted gold ring is half the rent of the blackened silver ring and the twisted silver ring. Twisted gold is an increase to the all-fam DEX slot. the twisted silver is the same increase to a diff stat however. blackened silver doesn't even increase [stat] by as much as the twisted gold, yet the twisted gold is half its rent. Maybe something needs to be balanced, and i dont mean raising the rent on twisted gold either :P I know there are lots more examples of things like this (poets/blackened silver) feel free to append other gripes >:)

Maybe some of these items need to be looked at again eh?



From: Haul Saturday, November 30, 03:20AM

mmm. i always thought that those differences were for whichever stat was more 'intrinsic' and natural, like silver/black boots versus moccasins and the lack of availability of equivalents for other stats and stuff. I mean, I could go on griping about how there are no +str leggings, +spr shields, +spr weapons....oh well.

From: Beam Sunday, December 01, 08:03AM

so rings remind you of dexterity huh haul.

From: Leech Sunday, December 01, 08:33AM

don't mind Haul, he just likes to argue for the sake of arguing.

From: Haul Monday, December 02, 07:31PM

mmm...pardon me, the twisted golds were the first rings i saw when i mudded here.

From: Ptah Monday, December 02, 08:21PM

Wear position does not affect the rent cost of stat bonuses. The armor class given by the item IS affected by wear position, because magical AC costs more than regular ac, and some pieces of armor/clothing can simply cover more of your body than others can (and therefore have a higher max ac they can give).

Items like these should be reported by mudmail to the building staff to get checked against the rent cost formulas. We have very specific costs for everything that an item can do. The formulas do however give a MINIMUM rent value.

Currently precious metals often cost more even though players may feel that the preciousness of them matters not at all in gameplay terms. The coming split between rent cost and game value will help remedy that.


From: Haul Tuesday, December 03, 12:03AM

mmm..yeah, a silver pentacle is 1/5th that of a golden torc, tho they do the same stat..oops. strike 1/5th, it's 1/3rd...mmm, so if there was a 'silver' torc, it would have been only a little bit more rentier than the pentacle, eh?

From: Ptah Tuesday, December 03, 12:37AM

Yep, that's right; as I said, rent formulas give a minimum value. There's no built-in distinction between silver and gold in the cost tables, though. One is more expensive than the other because, well, it's more expensive. :)

From: Kaige Tuesday, December 03, 06:10PM

Ok, after looking closely at all the items in question: I found nothing out of whack with any of them according to the guidelines in the building docs.

The twisted gold ring, the twisted silver ring, and the blackened silver ring cannot be compared by stat bonuses alone. Other factors in the item are also figured into the equation for determining rent value. One such factor is AC that the item provides. As Ptah said, magical AC costs more than regular AC. However, in these cases, it is the MATERIAL type, the gold/silver, that also increases the costs for two of the items that do provide AC as well as stat bonuses.

Moving on to the questions about the silver pentacle and the golden torc... The torc is a solid piece of gold that wraps around your neck. The pentacle is a simple pendant having from a leather thong. The principle material of the torc is gold, whereas that of the pentacle is the leather. The price difference between the gold and the leather is the difference you are seeing there. Remember, different material types have different resistances to different kinds of damage.

So... anyway, hope that answers those questions.


From: Haul Tuesday, December 03, 09:02PM

Just out of curiosity, would it be possible to release some data/information regarding how many material types there are, which are more susceptible to what kind of damage, and the general formula for all this? It seems that leather type is more susceptible to piercing damage, whereas others are more likely to be damaged when being pounded on, etc., but would it be possible to just get a handy reference sheet of sorts around, so we can check eq as we go along, or somehow instinctively guess how much ac said item is going to provide, etc?

From: Kaige Wednesday, December 04, 07:48PM

I image the id object spell could be expanded a bit to give you the principle material type of the object as well. It already gives the AC value for the item if it is of type ARMOR.


From: Beam Wednesday, December 04, 09:45PM

I would love to see the whole formula for rent damage done by each type of weapon compaired to material type and other stuff similiar. Maybe it could be done as a type of help file for the code? What i mean to say is there going to be anything released along with the code explaining how each command skill etc works? And considering Arkenstone has talked about at times, (how dodge is working right for example) I wouldn't think it would be against policy. I could understand leaving stuff out like spell requirements, but on the other hand how the spell is coded might be acceptable

From: Laurel Tuesday, December 10, 03:44AM

anyone ever notice the seemingly useless eq thats tons of rent? ie: war banner/campaign boots/etc.. why not just take the items out if ther useless and have this much rent? some people might carry them around for RP if they were less rent Maybe they do have a use and if so, i think whatever spells it 'puts' on a person (like sanc rings) should either show up in score or should be abel to be determined by id object.

Thoughts from Laurel

From: Ptah Tuesday, December 10, 04:01PM

They aren't useless; players merely do not use them. Part of the reason may well be that they do not wish to make the tradeoff of the slot and the rest for what the item gives, yes. But that does not make the item useless.

In the case of the war banner, for example, it gives something which is clearly visible in score, and which accounts for its rent.



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