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Posted by Jehovah on 12/06/96

As a dex fighter, I have come to realize that there is no armgear which would be beneficial to the dex-line of fighting.. when it seems quite reasonable to have some... I don't know... has anybody else noticed any stat-gear that should exist but is missing from the MUD? :)

'cause if there are few more... we could make a christmas wish list and send it to the imms =P

Just a thought from a pensive mind..... :)


From: Haul Thursday, December 05, 01:14PM

mmm...mind/spi rings, spi/mind/perc/dex arm gear...shields...but then again, i did remember seeing Ptah or rufus say +mind shields are kinda dumb..oh well.

From: Jezerael Thursday, December 05, 08:10PM

Some things don't really make sense, like +mind shoes, but there *could* be +mind or spirit rings, as mages are generally known to make weird hand gestures while casting and druids work with their hands...

From: Beam Thursday, December 05, 10:21PM

Clothing affecting your person magically changing your characteristics doesnt make sense, so i think arguing for no mind shields is silly. It just requires more writing skills to make it interesting and believeable.

From: Haul Friday, December 06, 12:13AM

yeah, like cheat sheets where you write down a whole book on the inside of your shield? +mind? if it's the bible or something, +spi? and, if the shield was aerodynamically designed, it could be +dex...


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