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Posted by Morphine on 12/10/96

I personally think there should be a 5 perc face item makes sense and would be kewl



From: Haul Friday, December 06, 12:17AM

be happy with the +2 :P but seriously, i do think it'd be nice.

From: Lethargio Saturday, December 07, 08:14AM

yeah, +5 dex arm, +5 mind head, +5 dex gloves items would make sense too

From: Leah Saturday, December 07, 02:25PM

Come on folks, you all know there are other areas going in and they'll all more than likely have stat eq. Give them a chance to get the areas finished and installed.

From: Laurel Tuesday, December 10, 03:51AM

As long as they dont mess up the items like in melbourne.......


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