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Posted by Mystbane on 12/07/96

Strength weapons, since they have to comply to the weight/dam scale, as well as the fact that giving them more swings would really get the benefits of the damroll(as it is divided by the number of swings)

i was wondering what changes are planned for this, and, if ppl would strongly oppose the option of either having them do damage out of the normal weight/dam ratio, or weighing their dice so that it will do a minimum of not 1 pt but, say, 1/2 their max damage instead, giving the str-based warriors more of a chance in dishing more damage.

Besides, if the dam-cap was to be lifted, at current rate, just counting on the weapons, dex/con weapons would do quite a bit more damage than str-weapons, and i just think that's not right.


From: Beam Thursday, October 17, 06:30AM

If there damages were closely monitored, why would "magical" weapons have to follow the weight dam scale? If there gonna have crazy huge damage immoliate spells on some, do they really conform to the scale anyway?

From: Bulk Monday, October 21, 05:00PM

Yeah..heard a rumor that they were going to be tweaked..(str weapons) so, what about ppl with a skyblade? it's a once-per-char quest (i think) and even if it's not kinda hard to get...if skyblade gets tweaked, could ppl with the 'old' skyblade get a 'new' copy?

From: Gail Saturday, December 07, 04:28PM

the weight/damage scale is going to be revised, and there probably will be a skyblade trade-in program.


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