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water flee bug

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Posted by Haul on 12/07/96

Ok, I remember reporting this as a newbie, way back when i first started mudding here. Mobs, though they have no problem rushing at you if you are standing on a water square, will not 'flee' to a water square. More, animals that start out in water squares, will not flee even to neighboring water squares (beluga).

But the real problem lies when this fumbled flee disengages them from combat. For example, when having initiative, and have the mob set at panic,
1. you hit the mob
2. the mob panics and attempts to flee
3. it 'flees' to the water room, disrupting combat
4. but it does not end the combat as far as the mob is concerned, and will hit you twice.
5. in cases where the mob isnt flying or does not have a boat, once the mob flees o a land square (that was born in a water square) it will not be able to flee back to the water square.

This effect is most easily duplicated with a warcry, and you will notice the effects are same as if the mob initiated combat after the fumbled flee while you are sitting still (typing 'warc' 'head' 'kick' 'bash' 'rage' after the fumbled flee can assure of this, as it will say 'warcry whom?' 'kick whom?' 'You can only rage while fighting' msgs)


P.S.--I have lost about 2 mil xp thanks to this lil bugger, and since it IS a bug that was reported a while, LONG while ago, was also wondering if there was a policy regarding reimbursement.


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