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Posted by Leth on 12/13/96

how about taking away the -10 mind fro the ivory horns after the skill trees?


From: Haul Tuesday, December 10, 02:18AM

I think the -10 and the change in size did a lot to discourage from slaying the bestie (I remember waiting forever for the bestie to repop as everyone would try to kill him for his horn and stuff) at a constant basis, and by removing it, you might find heaps and stacks of horns inside clan halls, since they last so darn long. After trees, you might want to remove the -10 if you give it the same pop-length as the pebble...and make the mob load it like the dhurtah does with his garnet, instead of like the pookah and risking it pop.

From: Leah Tuesday, December 10, 07:35AM

Uh, Haul, he's for a quest. Maybe they should make it so that you HAVE to finish the quest completely. Having it load randomly would make it difficult to finish that quest. If you want the major con from it, I'd say suffer with the -10, or find other eq to use.


From: Haul Tuesday, December 10, 01:15PM

uh, leth, the random loading is NOT what i was talking about if you knew what the dhurtah does in terms of his eq loading and what i meant. Apparently you never killed the dhurtah yourself to find that
a) he never has a garnet on when you look at him
b) his dagger never comes damaged.

I suggest you shut up if you didnt get what i said, as it was clear to anyone who knew stuff about the dhurtah what i meant in this.

Haul slightly annoyed over the simplemindedness of leth

From: Nhoj Tuesday, December 10, 07:14PM

You know, I really think that you should learn to be a little more polite. This is a discussion board, and perhaps not everyone is as well- versed in the workings of this mud as you are. I don't think that anyone appreciates you lashing out and snapping at people rudely because they are voicing their opinions.

Frankly, I have been here for over three years and would venture to say that I know the mud better than you do. In fact, I believe I taught one of your characters how to use dex fighting strategy a long time ago (I may be mistaken there). However, I had the same misunderstanding of your post that Leah did.

"Shutting up if you don't get what I said" is the perfect way to end discussion, and it's not something that should be suggested on the LegendMud Discussion Board.

If you're going to be a Newbie Helper and make newbies stay, you might want to try taking the same stance and keep oldbies from getting discouraged with people and leaving as well. It's up to you.


From: Leah Tuesday, December 10, 07:43PM

First off, its L-E-A-H. And try being a little bit clearer in what you're trying to explain next time. Actually, I've been here almost as long as Nhoj has, you'd be quite surprised. I've killed the dhurtah often and know quite about about what he does. So I suggest you get a brain and try having some concideration for others that post on this board. If you want to get your point across, then try explaining it. As you can see from Nhoj's post, he got the same meaning I did.

Leah, who is annoyed by the amount of rudeness and whining that goes on on this board.

From: Haul Tuesday, December 10, 10:08PM

My bad. first off, i thought the append was coming from Leth, whom i was rather sure of not knowing about this.

In any case, I am sorry that I took that tone, and only because I was offended that you did not seem to have given me enough credit on the content of my board (it was intentionally written so that I would not get into too much detail of how the mob works, and I had no desire to clear it up for people who did not understand it right off the bat.

So, with the original intention of having the append only convey its meaning to those who knew how it worked, with my mistunderstanding that it was coming from a less experienced player, led to my annoyance, and I apologize)

Now, how deeply can we get into details like that? I know that giving away quest solutions, mob statistics and such is prohibited here, and that was the only reason why I did not make it any clearer than that. All I want to know is, is this discussion board allowed to go into any more depth in such matters than the regular boards? If this board was allowed to do so, I again apologize for my misbehavior. But if it is not, I think Leah, in the first place, should have thought twice before making the append to my append, and the tone you took there was, tho not as explicit, quite degrading as well.


P.S.--The mention of my being a newbie helper and stuff was really inappropriate for many reasons, one being that this character was, after quitting my other chars, only to help newbies--if you ask those that I judged as true newbies got enough help (tho it may not have been material) and those who knew me from before was not mistreated in any way, whether they knew I was a reincarnation of my older characters or not. Sorry if I can't snap after being snapped on, but I'd rather not get any comments regarding on my efforts/desires of people staying and leaving.

From: Haul Tuesday, December 10, 10:22PM

Just some clarifiers. I compared the dhurtah with the pookah, and does the pookah load his pebble randomly? Why would I have chosen the pookah and the dhurtah to compare? Both their eq pops, tho it seems that the dhurtah never ever even has possesion...never mind. I thought I was clear enough, you thought I did not.

From: Beam Tuesday, December 10, 10:50PM

See the pebble on the pookah isnt just random it has a pattern, therein lies the irony.

From: Haul Tuesday, December 10, 10:58PM

mmm...never said it was random. it's always there when the mob loads. but it's not there after a while, and pookah gets mad.

From: Fatale Wednesday, December 11, 12:08PM

I found Nhoj's post quite appropriate, your attitude stinked, whether to a newbie or an oldbie, it simply shouldn't have happened.

From: Bacchanal Wednesday, December 11, 03:58PM

Items still should remain "In Spec", even after trees.

Taking away the - on this would make it way too powerful, since all other items are limited to the +5stat limit..

I feel that this item shouldn't even have the +stat in the first place, or should be less so, already con's gonna be unbalanced enough after trees, why make dex even LESS powerful?

From: Beam Thursday, December 12, 06:25AM

I think the idea is trees will make con balanced not less so, also note a con fighter would probably have 100 con anyway and the dex fighter would be the one that could benefit because they could grab it rest a while and have an extra 50 hp or something for the rest of the night.

As for whether this is out of spec, it was put in the game before all the concern about people spamming con leveling and hp monsters. So was it a mistake in the first place to put it in the game? Second will the changes made to eliminate leveling gear fix the problem? I think it would, and all old eq that was changed because of spam leveling should be looked at again.

As for items being out of spec I think the fact that if an item is nonrentable then spec can be a bit more lenient. There is an item in the game now that is +10 timed rentable no preserve I think. Lastly, for those that say quest items shouldnt do anything, I think it makes the quests much more interesting and we got a lot of interesting quest eq on here. Also if you consider some quests have no benefit at the end of them except a whois string, they can really make a quest more interesting.

I recall seeing a timed item that is +10dex/str (yeah, it pops really quickly to be of any use) and in general, I agree with Beam that the skill trees will make con more balanced, since as of now, it's really hard to hit anything just with con or str. Most of the lvling gear that was fixed seems to have been fixed for the better, making them more balanced. And for non-rentable eq., i think they can be out of spec--see invis, detect magic and all that cool stuff could also be seen out of spec considering eq that does anything cool is generally at least 5k rent.

As for quests that don't do anything...hey, that quest gives plenty of prestige and xps!


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