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Posted by Hastur on 12/12/96

i think it would be a good idea if we had storage rooms for items. i suppose you could store gold in there also.

I write this because i remember that i have been over rent, holding all expensive items, and out of time online, and almost to level. What i did was drop a couple of good items that i would have been able to carry next level, but couldnt when i rented.

i think the storage rooms would be a good idea, and you have to pay a small fee for them to open your room or safe.


From: Riptide Monday, December 02, 02:16PM

Kinda gunna happen when skilltrees are imped right? Or did i read the LT wrong

Riptired :0

From: Fatale Monday, December 02, 04:16PM

If you want to store gold, that's what banks are for.

From: Hastur Monday, December 09, 05:43PM

no stupid! i mead storing ITEMS! like when youre overrent and gotta go! dur

From: Jezerael Wednesday, December 11, 08:08PM

Then why did you say gold in your original post? dur.

From: Beam Thursday, December 12, 06:43AM

Lets not call anyone stupid on this board. :P


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