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Posted by Haul on 12/12/97

Is it just me, or did we get over this discussion a while ago..? anyway, RENT *is* your storage room. If you want to store some more gain more levels.

Unless we eliminate RENT, I do not find a use for storage rooms, as it will only make people hoard items, depreciate the value on them over time, decrease social interaction the same way as if eq-transfer among one's own characters are allowed, make this place less challenging and probably result in even more random-eq-loading mobs, and if made possible, you should be charged a heck of a lot to discourage storing another profession's worth of equipment. Remember this system does not give you more stats everytime you level, and your eq is your character much more so than in any other muds. Storage rooms will basically allow everyone to be anyone, and with the immorts' efforts to stop spamming for the same reason, doubt this storage room idea is going to pass without charging a hefty sum (right now, xperience points and prestige) and putting it at some risk of being stolen, at least.



From: Kaige Thursday, December 12, 06:07PM

I moved this discussion over to this board not in an effort to further it, but put in it's proper place so that it could be archived with the rest of this board for those who might possibly be interested at a later date.

The archiving process is going slow since this has been a rather tumultous week at work.



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